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The (re)invention of Anna

There are daring and “fresh” series like Pet in Noovo or before the accident of Radio-Canada, and there are series that are more outdated in their production and their slowness, such as Anne and Arnaud in VAT.

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This melodramatic miniseries derived from the book Anna and the old-boy by Francine Ruel offers exactly what the viewer expects: rivers of tears, layers of cello, acoustic guitar and solo piano, a harrowing story, as well as urban scenes that unfortunately are not always successful.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t that captivated Anne and Arnaud, a very (too?) conventional eight-episode miniseries that juggles several clichés. The way homeless people talk to each other (mendo you have rock?), the graffiti on the squat where the bums sleep, the rickety old couch that sits in an alleyway worthy of a hip-hop music video, the aesthetic reconstruction of this little-known universe sounds fake on screen, a bit like the representation of young people in their twenties in Chaos.


scene ofAnne and Arnaud

In the end we believe more or less in the realism of everyday life on the street, let’s say. You will see the first episode ofAnne and Arnaud Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on TVA. Is this a bad show? No. On the other hand, the realization’s insistence on the seriousness of what is at stake ends up annoying.

There was no need to gratinate the episodes ofAnne and Arnaud so many tearful effects. We know that a mother who falls asleep every night wondering if her child is still alive is horrible, it’s appalling. Just mentioning it is enough. No need to add heavy silences and sad background music.

It is Guylaine Tremblay who embodies the alter ego of Francine Ruel, a talented seamstress and workshop manager named Anna. In 1990, Anna almost lost her only child, Arnaud (Nico Racicot, seen in the blue hour), giving birth to her. In 2010, when Arnaud was 20 years old, Anna truly lost her son, with whom she had forged a beautiful bond. After a shooting that leaves him disabled, Arnaud, who dreamed of being a guitarist, sinks into heroin and ends up on the street, where he begs in downtown Montreal. In the last ten years, Anna has never lost touch with Arnaud, despite long periods of silence that made her fear the worst for her. You assume that Anna’s career and private life have been affected by her hypervigilant state. Where will Arnaud sleep tonight? Has he eaten his fill? Who watches over him?

the plot ofAnne and Arnaud wanders between 2010 and 2021, and here is the hair trick to not get lost in the multiple time jumps. In the 2010 scenes, Guylaine Tremblay wears a reddish wig with bangs. In 2021, Guylaine Tremblay is sporting blonder hair, often tied up in a duvet.


Guylaine Tremblay in Anne and Arnaud

Same hair trick for the actor playing his son: In 2010, Nico Racicot has no beard and looks like a young Beatle. In 2021, Nico Racicot has a bushy beard and messy hair held back by a tuque.

Anne and Arnaud is a television series that takes its time. In this sea of ​​ultra-caffeinated productions, this option will appeal, for example, to fans of perfect moments. You sit in front of the television to relax and scream knowing that the story that unfolds before your eyes is inspired by that of Francine Ruel and her son Étienne Allard. On this subject, Francine Ruel’s vibrant testimony to everybody talks about it in September 2019 it had been overwhelming.

the episodes ofAnne and Arnaud well communicates the anguish of a mother trying to mourn a living child. The scenes where Anna has to set her limits with Arnaud, who only sees her as an ATM, break her heart. And Guylaine Tremblay being Guylaine Tremblay, the excitement goes like a bullet.

The police aspectAnne and Arnaud also arouses curiosity. In 2010, Arnaud was the victim of an attack, shot to death in the middle of the street. But was it a gratuitous attack, an error of the person or an act of revenge orchestrated by people who wanted to harm him?

Arnaud’s character, not always fair, shows an honest face of homelessness. Arnaud is not a violent man, he is sociable and treats his heroin addiction by following methadone treatment. In his backpack, Arnaud always drags a naloxone kit to save colleagues from an opioid overdose. And when a fellow homeless man steals his bag and Arnaud doesn’t restock his naloxone kit, tragedy is anticipated.

In short, if you like television with more body and better grilled, pass the turn. If you prefer herbal tea television, Anne and Arnaud It will serve you with calming and less destabilizing episodes.

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