Carey Price would like to play again one day, according to Stu Cowan

Carey Price would like to play again one day, according to Stu Cowan

Monday was the annual Canadiens golf tournament at Laval-sur-le-Lac. The players and members of the team management were able to answer many questions from the journalists. Carey Price was present, she did not give a press conference like her colleagues. Stu Cowan’s The Montreal Gazette It follows from this, as he understands the situation, that the goalkeeper does not give up a return to the game.

This is the first journalist, today, to say such a thing. Earlier today, we were talking about the fact that Price would remain in the Canadiens’ entourage despite his injury and his absence from the ice, but knowing he’s not leaving the game is a little reassuring.

Although the reporters wanted to ask Price all the questions, he did not respond. He is supposed to meet with the media in a few days, probably before the start of the team’s training camp.

“Everything indicates that (Carey Price) still wanted to play.” – Stu Cowan via The Montreal Gazette

Kent Hughes doesn’t see a future in which Carey Price returns to the game without surgery. As of now, Price doesn’t appear to be on his way to surgery, which would limit the chances of a comeback. However, there can always be something new in the file.

At 35 years old, Carey Price could be forced to retire due to a knee injury. Some goalkeepers have attempted to return to play after a major injury, but few have been successful. We think in particular of Ben Bishop, who attempted a comeback, which was short and ineffective.

Regardless, the Canadian seems to be on his way to the future and Price isn’t really in the plans. Even if he returns to the game this year or next, when CH is competitive again, he’s probably too old. The organization already has several other networking options. Samuel Montembeaut, who has signed a two-year contract with Montreal, Cayden Primeau, who has just signed with the team for three years, and lastly, the number one goalkeeper, Jake Allen, who has yet to sign a contract extension. entering the final year of your current contract.

Kent Hughes was at RDS 5 to 7 on Monday. He took the opportunity to talk about the Carey Price situation.

“If Carey Price can play, we would like it to be in Montreal.” – Kent Hughes from RDS 5-7

Despite the injuries, Price seemed happy to play golf on Monday. He took the time to greet Montreal fans with a short video posted on the team’s social media.

There are still 4 years left, at $10.5 million per year, on Carey Price’s contract. Even if she doesn’t play, it won’t affect CH too much, which may put him on the long-term disabled list and save himself from this monster contract.

Even if Carey Price wants to get back in the game, we have to remain realistic. Will her body still allow her to be as flexible and make the sudden movements that gave her a reputation in the NHL? It would be surprising.

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