Jake Allen's contract: the CH and the goalkeeper would not agree on the number of years

Jake Allen’s contract: the CH and the goalkeeper would not agree on the number of years

In the last few days I’ve said it and I’ve said it again: The Canadian needs to make sure he retains the services of Jake Allen for a while longer. After all, if Kent Hughes changed it, he’d be sorry.

Quickly, in fact, he would try to find the new Jake Allen.

That is why, at the moment, the CH is negotiating (without conditionalities since Jake Allen confirmed it yesterday) with his goalkeeper to see if there is the possibility of extending his contract.

Because, in fact, at this moment, the CH would like to see if it has the option to do it.

Is that definitely going to happen? I don’t know. But what I do know is that the goalkeeper seems to like his situation in Montreal and the Canadians seem to like having him.

And on the docket, Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu provided interesting details in their latest article.

First of all, even if the CH don’t see Allen as a great #1 goalkeeper, they need him right now AND they don’t need a great #1 goalkeeper for years to come.

What CH needs is a guy who supports Samuel Montembeaut and Cayden Primeau of this world since Carey Price, even if he wants to be able to come back one day, he shouldn’t be able to anymore.

In fact, as the reporters wrote, a Jake Allen-style goalkeeper doesn’t necessarily pay the moon at the trade deadline either when you look at the comparables.

In short, he’s a classic case of the guy whose best use value is at his current club.

That’s why the CH is negotiating with Allen right now…and a possibility that the club will do so in advance as there would be a disagreement at this point on the number of years of a possible contract extension.

According to The Athletic, the problem at the moment is the duration of the contract.

But nothing is set in stone, because if the Canadian feels comfortable offering him a new two-year contract, going beyond this duration becomes much more delicate.

And as we understand it, it is the duration of the contract that is in dispute at the moment. – Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu

What I understand is that CH would like to secure his services until 2025, but the goalkeeper would like to have more years on his contract. At least that’s my reading of the situation.

Admittedly, having Allen under contract through 2026 (his current deal ends in 2023) would be a risk. But what the CH must calculate is whether it is riskier to lose it in 2023 than to have it in 2026. For me, that is the question.

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