Canadian: Injured list abnormally high

Canadian: Injured list abnormally high

The start of training camp began yesterday and many are eager to see what the boys have in store. Martin St-Louis is the first to want to push the 74 players invited to the official camp of the great club.

We have seen some excerpts in which players are put to the test in quite demanding physical exercises.

Some believe St. Louis is too demanding and that could be detrimental on the injury side.

Fitness trainer Stéphane Dubé gave his take on this situation, during his appearance on Friday’s noon episode of La Poche Bleue.

“After the first day, you’re not supposed to be in bad shape. With the number of months players have had to prepare, I would have expected the team to be healthier. – Stephan Dube

In fact, unlike the 2021 offseason, the Canadiens players rested much more this summer, which makes it quite unusual to see such a long list of injured people.

Dubé, however, reiterated that starting with intensity is not necessarily a bad thing and that the players have no other option since the pre-season begins shortly.

“It’s not really a training camp anymore, but an evaluation camp. Yes, the start of camp is steep, but players are supposed to be ready. – Stephan Dube

We recently learned that the brand new CH captain was injured along with Joel Edmundson, following an accidental collision between the two players. They join Josh Anderson, Sean Monahan, Paul Byron, Logan Mailloux, Jake Evans and Carey Price.

Most of them, however, were already injured before the start of training camp. Only Josh Anderson and Jake Evans have been added since the start of camp, but Evans was still involved in today’s inter-squad game. Marc-Antoine Godin took it upon himself to specify it.

Since Sainte-Flanelle’s defensive squad lacks experience with the arrival of several hopefuls, the situation must not worsen by announcing other casualties before the start of the 2022-2023 season.

Speaking of experience, among all the defenders who are healthy in the organization, there are only 177 games of experience in Montreal.

The new defense coach, Stéphane Robidas, will have a lot of work to guide this inexperienced team this season.

The number of injured should not increase any more, otherwise the season risks being longer than expected. At least the Habs can count on good depth up front, but down the blue line it’s a bit trickier.

On the other hand, many youngsters will want to show that they can do a good service for the club and that could open more doors for some signings.

Several players will have the opportunity to assert themselves in the coming days, since another rojiblanco match will be played this Sunday. In addition, the first preseason game will be played on Monday against the New Jersey Devils.

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– The warrior will always give his maximum.

– Bo Bichette continues to impress.

– Slafkovsky wants to do everything to earn a place in the big club.

– What do you think?

– An excellent addition of CH.

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