Video games: to play doctor

Video games: to play doctor

One of the great themes of the electoral campaign is the health system, why not try to understand the problems and, why not, try to solve them? Welcome, then, to the world of games where you save (or not) lives…

Video games in which you become a doctor are not new. Digging passionately through the “zinternets”, we unearthed “Life and Death” (literally “Life and death”) which dates back to 1988. As a doctor, therefore, you make the rounds in the hyperpixelated hospital as it should be for the time. The patients are numerous, they suffer from strange ailments and it is up to you to choose the most appropriate treatment. But let’s be honest, we quickly tire of the “vintage” side of things.

Another finding, to say the least strange -but much more modern-, “Kellogg’s Gut Bacteria Reef”. If you jumped into “Kellogg’s,” you’re not alone. In fact, it is the company that started this unusual title. This is to make players aware of good gut health. Yes, yes, I assure you. To do this, you will need to maintain a balance between all the bacteria.

More serious

Let’s go back to our scalpels. In the series “hyper serious and realistic to the point of being used in real life to train medical teams”, here is “Valley General Hospital: NiVR” which uses virtual reality to immerse the player in the wonderful world of the hospital. Everything has been thought out and produced with incredible attention to detail and precision. But is it really fun?

Speaking of fun, here is “Hospital Tycoon”. As the name suggests, it’s about creating “the best” hospital in the known universe. If you are interested in the challenge, you should know that, as in any drill, you will have to ensure the happiness of all the staff of the establishment and the patients. And that is far from simple.

If you’re a little more in “big deal” mode, Big Pharma is for you. Because here you are in charge of a conglomerate, research laboratories and potential billions of dollars in profits. If you’re feeling like a capitalist, jump into the 35 challenges across the seven stages with both feet.

More original, “Two Point Hospital” stands out for the rarity of the illnesses of the patients that you will have to treat by hiring the right doctors as well as for its “sandbox” mode that allows you to unleash your unbridled imagination… and sick . Have fun, because it’s so much fun… especially since the image is reminiscent of a cartoon.

Very “rose water”, “Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal” awaits you in an environment that combines medicine and love story. Yes, it is possible and it is almost better than “Dre Grey”. You play Alison, who absolutely wants to become the best surgeon. But now, she falls in love with the director of the hospital while working with her ex. Ouiiiiii, she smells like “soap” all over her nose, but once in a while, she feels fine.


Fun and irreverent at the same time, “Amateur Surgeon” offers you, with its highly exploited visual style, treating people with “instruments” made from everyday objects. Sure, you can kiss medical ethics and seriousness goodbye, but we’re in a video game, so you might as well be delusional.

Halfway between terror and simulation, “Autopsy Simulator” will be, starting in November and as its name suggests, a title in which you will play a coroner who must, therefore, determine the cause of death of the corpses. To keep things serious, the game was developed with real doctors and the story includes a creepy detective story.


“Life and Death”: free for browsers via emulator

“Kellogg’s Gut Bacteria Reef”: for Windows and VR via Steam

“Valley General Hospital: NiVR”: for Windows and VR via Steam

“Hospital Tycoon”: for Windows via Steam

“Big Pharma”: for Windows, macOS and Linux

“Two Point Hospital”: for Windows, PlayStation. xbox and switch

“Heart Medicine: Time to Heal”: for Android and iOS

“Amateur Surgeon”: free for browsers

“Autopsy Simulator”: for Windows

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