The fact that Jordan Harris can play on the right should concern Justin Barron

The fact that Jordan Harris can play on the right should concern Justin Barron

Justin Barron is a defender that CH likes. Justin Barron is a right-handed defender, which is not a luxury in Montreal. Justin Barron is a guy who’s a year behind in pro playoffs. Justin Barron was acquired against Artturi Lehkonen by the new administration.

Justin Barron is therefore a defender who will have every chance to break into the Canadian lineup.

That said, while I like the youngster, he hasn’t dominated since the start of rookie camp. It’s rare to see the youngster stand out for the right reasons when you compare his game to other youngsters.

Is it due to the fact that he has a playstyle that makes him seem more “indifferent” at times? I don’t know…but I do know that if he really wants to avoid going to Laval, he’s going to have to up his game a little bit to help himself.

Who wanted to “do everything possible to show the CH that he belongs in the NHL” could do more. There is nothing catastrophic, that said, and the first real warm-up match is not behind us yet.

He has a lot of time left, we agree.

The reason Barron shouldn’t wait too long is that the camp will be used to evaluate certain options and, increasingly, some are becoming essential.

From the lot? Kaiden Guhle, who has been looking great in recent days.

Guhle has been paired with David Savard, who wants to take the youngster under his wing. It is the same combination that Dominique Ducharme used in the 2021 camp.

Even if Martin St-Louis says it’s a coincidence (he didn’t know that), it tells us a lot about the fact that Guhle could have natural chemistry with Savard and that this could work in his favor in the future. to invent the alignment.

Has a lot of talent. He has a great opportunity to stay here all year. –David Savard on Kaiden Guhle

Corey Schueneman, who has experience (in the absence of Joel Edmundson, only David Savard, Mike Matheson and Chris Wideman have more than him) and who is in the good old days coach, could well be a candidate to win one of the seven places at stake.

Like last year, he was paired with Wideman in yesterday’s match and he looked good.

And with the fact that Jordan Harris (one of the good players in camp) can play on the right, it can narrow down Justin Barron’s options if he’s not as strong in camp as the other kids.

It is possible to see a scenario where Barron has his place, obviously…


But it’s also possible, if St. Louis doesn’t want to throw their young right-hander (Barron) into the lion’s den, to see a scenario where the Canadian could take advantage of Harris’s versatility to send him to the right.

After all, right now he deserves to play.


Why suggest such a second scenario? Because, without saying that it might be recommended at the start of the season (in fact, I’d bet more on scenario #1 for the Oct. 12 game), consider the fact that one day, Edmundson will return.

I’ll see when I create it, but CH #44 is progressing well, according to CH reports.

If Edmundson comes back, he and Matheson will have to play. And if Guhle and Harris perform well, it’s Barron who could win by sending Harris down the right to guard the other three down the left.

Am I saying this is what will happen? Not necessarily.

What I’m saying is that Barron needs to keep in mind that the trio of young defenders isn’t just “two lefties and one righty,” thus assuring him a spot that would be justified for the reasons given at the beginning of the text.

Let’s also remember that Mattias Norlinder, Gianni Fairbrother, Arber Xhekaj, Otto Leskinen and Madison Bowey, who are more or less likely to start the season in Montreal, are also options.

Everyone (including Barron) will have to watch their backs.

After all, the blue line is so wide open that it opens the door for many people to try and find a spot. Things can change (both for those who are struggling and those who are doing well at the moment) in a long 82-game season.

In fact, they will change.

Not having a good defensive squad, Stéphane Robidas has internal struggles to cover positions. This will be good to highlight the character of each player who is looking for a place in the big leagues.

A lot of

– Well thought.

– You should continue to perform well.

– News from the former CH.

– Finally.

– What will he do?

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