In rehearsal with Simon Gouache |  everything is in the corner

In rehearsal with Simon Gouache | everything is in the corner

Within To live, the third solo by Simon Gouache, who has been fine-tuning around thirty dates, at the moment there are “businesses that work, businesses that need work and others that we still don’t know where to put,” explains the comedian. We visited him while he was happily working on the puzzle of creating a new show.

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sunday afternoon

sunday afternoon

In a studio at Studio Bizz on avenue du Mont-Royal, screenwriter Pascal Mailloux, director Marie-Christine Lachance and Simon Gouache try to improve a passage from their third show in which the Montreal-raised comedian recently settles into The suburbs. , he is surprised that firefighters exist… volunteers!

“Is that your hobby, fireman?” Do you want me to offer you another? “Throw Pascal first. “Yoga, the ultimate Frisbee! adds Marie-Christine, but we are not there yet. “If you feel like socializing, you can do it in a less stuffy place! Simon exclaims, impeccably emphasizing the adjective “suffocating.” They all laugh.

If he doesn’t write any numbers on the paper (“It’s not normal”, according to Marie-Christine), Simon Gouache is an incurable perfectionist, constantly writing in his head and tirelessly moving fragments of sentences, even commas, until he achieves it. the optimal effect. These encounters, during which the trio dissect recent performances by the artist, often devolve into similar comedic ping-pong sessions.


Pascal Mailloux, Marie-Christine Lachance and Simon Gouache

But a few minutes later, to the enthusiasm of the journalist, as moved by the joke of the volunteer firefighters as if Yvon Deschamps had just put Unions, what’s the matter? under the gaze, the director goes there with a warning: “There are so many lines that made us laugh here that didn’t work on stage. His wisdom is confirmed the following night, at the Golden Lion, where Simon Gouache tries out the gag in question, swinging it a little fast. The result: a confused reaction from the crowd.

“It’s sad that you didn’t come the next day. I think it was one of my best performances in four years,” he confided in an interview a few days later. Apart from one or two lines, obviously new, which met with a library silence, she had nevertheless offered during the performance to which Press attended a strong performance, allowing us to hope for the best for the media premiere of To livescheduled for February 2023.

“When I haven’t played a show in a few days, I do everything faster and I don’t always take the time to play all my gags,” Gouache explains of one of his biggest strengths: his unforgettable CrossFit number was both text and video. pantomime. “The next day, Marie told me: there, tonight, you take the time to play ALL your gags. I heard it and we got what. »

infinite ideas

The son of a doctor, Simón Gouache ended up at the National School of Humor, almost out of spite, after a brief and stressful university career. Graduated in 2007, he only really met his audience about ten years later. Little seen on television or on the radio, the 36-year-old nonetheless belongs to the elite of Québec humor –observing his tenacity in the rehearsal room allows us to understand in part why–, although on paper few elements do. make it unique. .

Without crazy stage characters or remarkable presence on social networks: like Jack White, who rocks like everyone else, but better than everyone, Simon Gouache weaves together observations, reflections and anecdotes like dozens of other comedians, but with the precision and flexibility of a goldsmith. , allowing her almost miraculously to extract material from seemingly worn-out topics (her life of him as a young father, dating apps, baldness).


Simon Gouache

Often on a comedy night, one comedian will say to another, “Well, you have a number on carnivorous plants! I won’t be able to do my number on carnivorous plants. But that is irrelevant! The important thing is the angle. The topics are limited, but the ideas are endless.

Simon Gouache

Question, in one of the best segments of To live, the hackneyed phrase that “we can’t say anything more”. “But it’s a number that changed a lot during the robbery,” she says. When I started, I did it in a very moralizing tone, I said “We can’t say anything else” in a colonist voice, and it took me a few months to realize that I was alienating all the public that I had already said so

“And when I stopped, it changed everything, because I was no longer on trial. Once again, it was all about the angle. »

To live

To live

Touring everywhere in Quebec

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