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British Ed Sheeran became the first solo artist to reach 100 million Spotify subscribers in July. At the same time, four of his songs were among the 21 most played songs in the history of the popular platform. At the top of the charts? the unspeakable worm shape of yourslistened no less than 3,200 million times on Spotify since its launch in January 2017.

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We have never had access to so much music, so easily. On my phone, which is not the latest generation, I can listen to almost any song I can think of, instantly and even for free (if I wanted), on a streaming platform or on YouTube. The possibilities are endless. A human jukebox of the caliber of Gregory Charles wouldn’t top it.

The latest single from Backxwash or an old piece by Maneige, a Quebec progressive rock band from the ’70s? Said and done. watching the steps by Dominique Michel, Saturday’s guest at live from the universe ? Here it is, there it is, in less time than it takes to say Julien Sagot. (No, for those wondering, I haven’t re-subscribed to Spotify. I’m still not interested in supporting the disinformation of Joe Rogan and his followers.)

We have never had access to so many songs, and yet Ed Sheeran is the author of the fifth of the 21 most listened to songs on Spotify, the most popular digital music platform in the world. His songs, along with those of Drake and Toronto’s The Weeknd, make up 40% of that same list.

Although we estimate that 60,000 new songs appear every day, the same handful of pop artists find themselves at the top of the listening charts year after year, with some variations. Which leads many observers to say, contradictory as it may seem, that our musical horizon would not be broadened, but rather limited by the overabundance of options offered by streaming platforms.

Faced with the infinite panoply of musical proposals, we rely on what we know, our safe values. Although the entire popular musical universe is within our reach, we prefer our slippers. What’s hot in pop music today, Harry Styles or Bad Bunny, or what rocked our 33s, the typical age when we stop making musical discoveries, according to a 2015 study of Spotify subscribers’ listening habits .

Has online listening made it harder to discover new music? the London newspaper wondered on Monday The Guardian, in the first of a series of articles on the current state of music. “Platforms like Spotify or Apple Music give us access to the entire history of popular music. But has this access made us lazy? asks critic Alexis Petridis.

These are good questions, which I ask myself sometimes, when jogging once again listening to the complete David Bowie catalog in shuffle mode instead of being interested in the music releases of the week. Or that I return to my 23 years and to the record Fever inside Fever outside by Luscious Jackson, while cleaning my garden, rather than an album released during the present century.

Laziness is perhaps also not going back to consult my CD collection, which gathers dust in the basement. The CD, by the way, celebrates its 40th anniversary this month, although it’s ready for the graveyard (as Claude Rajotte would say). However, it has its uses. It is not because everything is accessible to me at my fingertips, on a digital platform, that I have the reflex to look for what does not come to my mind spontaneously.

The human being is an impressionable beast. He will let mysterious algorithms guide his musical choices, and the soundtracks of popular television shows will determine which of all the songs of the past are worth bringing out of oblivion. In 2022, note The GuardianThe most effective way to promote a song is to hope it gets picked up for a TV show, movie, or commercial.

So, thanks to Stranger things, running up that hilla modest hit from 1985 by Kate Bush, it became the most popular song of early summer 2022. And that Right at the end of the linea little-known 1978 play by Gerry Rafferty, has had a second wind among fans of the series. Euphoria. Among the youngest, the discovery often passes through TikTok, which returned to popularize, almost 40 years later, the unbearable. mr phone man from New Edition (yes, yes, with Bobby Brown and the boys from Bell Biv DeVoe).

There are things that it would be better never to (re)discover.

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