Aaron Judge's 61st home run: a $340,000 drop

Aaron Judge’s 61st home run: a $340,000 drop

The two poor Blue Jays fans filmed trying to catch the ball from 61me Aaron Judge’s circuit on Wednesday at the Rogers Center in Toronto dropped not only a historic memorabilia, but almost C$340,000.

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However, they could try to catch up by following the New York Yankees outfielder in their next few games, because his 62nd long pass should make any fan who catches him a millionaire.

Quoted in the New York Times Today, SCP Auctions President and Founder David Kohler says the next ball thrown into the stands by No. 99 will be worth nearly $1.37 million Canadian.

And clearly, many fans have smelled the bargain. On the team’s official website, it’s impossible to find a ticket in the on-field stands for tomorrow night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

On resale sites, the least expensive seats in these sections retail for $200, nearly double the usual price.

But top-ranked tickets in these tiers can go as high as $2,000 each. And it’s certainly not because Gerrit Cole’s pitching figures will be doled out in the driveway tomorrow night…

He also lost a bet.

Toronto restaurant owner Frankie Lasagna is one of two fans who tried to catch the 61me Judge’s long ball on Wednesday tied Roger Maris’ American League record.

A mark that the late Yankees player had held for 61 years.

“I was at the game with a friend of mine, who is a Yankees fan,” Lasagna told Sportsnet in an interview. At the time, I didn’t realize what was happening. I just thought I just lost the $50 I had bet with him. »

A gift for his mother.

Finally it was Matt Buschmann, one of the Blue Jays coaches, who recovered the precious ball after it ended up in the bullpen.

Buschmann handed it over to Yankees pitcher Zack Britton, who made sure it ended up in Judge’s hands. The latter was offered to his mother Patty, who was in the stands when number 99 achieved his feat.

The ball of potential 62me Judge’s circuit has risen in value in recent days. Particularly because the one in his 60smewhich allowed him to match Babe Ruth’s season in 1927, was not sold at auction.

The Yankees fan, instead, returned it to the author of the famous circuit in exchange for autographed balls and a stick, saying he hoped the outfielder “will be back with the team next season.”

A gesture discouraged by Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions.

“Use your logic,” he told the New York Times. The Yankees are worth $8 billion, Judge is expected to sign a $400 million contract. If the ball means that much to them, they can buy it like anyone else. »

Negotiations in the restaurant.

Frankie Lasagna says he wouldn’t have given the ball to Judge. At least not right away.

“I would have preferred to invite him to my restaurant, and there I would have started negotiating,” he said with a laugh.

The Yankees still have seven regular-season games left. Of the lot, three are played in the Bronx, in this stadium that is very conducive to long balls.

If he maintains his current pace, Judge will finish the season with 64 home runs.

According to experts, it is the ball from your last big swing of the season that will be worth the most. The one that will mark the new mark to beat in the American.

Items sold at crazy prices

If the ball of the eventual 62me Aaron Judge’s track sold for over $1 million, but will continue to be a collectors’ bargain. Some of them have spent much more than that in recent years.

$17.2 M FOR A 1952 MAP

A baseball card of then-Yankees star Mickey Mantle had been so well preserved since 1952 that a collector paid more than $17 million to acquire it. This was the legendary player’s “recruit” card.


The Chicago Bulls jersey that Michael Jordan wore in Game 1 of the 1998 playoffs sold for $13.9 million this year. This series marked the end of the Bulls dynasty and is the highest amount ever paid for an item worn during a game.


A sweater that Babe Ruth wore during a game abroad during his years with the Yankees found a buyer for $6 million in 2012. At the time, this was a record sum for a sporting item sold at auction.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Source: cheapism.com

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