Privacy protection, 3D, metaverse, France... Apple CEO Tim Cook trusts the JDD

Privacy protection, 3D, metaverse, France… Apple CEO Tim Cook trusts the JDD

22:35 October 1, 2022

In a monumental room at the University of Naples Federico II, between a marble floor and an Italian Renaissance painting hanging from the ceiling, stands a man: Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Dressed in a black robe, one of the most powerful business leaders on the planet received on Thursday an honorary diploma of the master’s degree in innovation and international management from the Neapolitan establishment. A ceremony in honor of Tim Cook, “a talented man, a genius who runs an important company in the world”, greeted Matteo Lorito, rector of the university.

The American giant opened the Developer Academy there in 2016 to train students for free in computer programming and mobile application development for iOS, the Apple ecosystem. “The Academy has taught nearly 2,000 students from 66 countries the skills to create their own apps and bring their ideas to life,” Tim Cook told an ecstatic room, in the background of which dozens of local journalists.

An avant-garde building in the middle of the popular neighborhoods of Naples

Changing out of his formal attire for a dark blue suit, the 61-year-old American made his way to the Developer Academy campus: an ultra-modern building, amid dilapidated buildings and streets in Naples’ working-class neighborhoods. In rooms with immaculate white walls, 160 students have at their disposal their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and giant screen to develop their own mobile application for the App Store.

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When Tim Cook arrives in the classrooms, the stunned and excited students’ gazes meet. Some lucky people were able to present their project to the person who may be their next employer. “To work at Apple we seek a spirit of collaboration. I have a deep feeling that a shared idea becomes better, the CEO will describe a few minutes later in the university amphitheater. We are looking for creativity, people who are capable of thinking differently”. taking up the famous slogan of the brand with the bitten apple, “Think differently”.

Naples is not the only city that has a training center founded by the Cupertino company. There are several similar devices around the world, such as in Brazil or Indonesia. In France, it collaborates with the start-up to offer courses for job seekers. “Code is the only universal language, says Tim Cook in the JDD. It is the most important language after our mother tongue. It allows you to express yourself, evolve, change the world. Not everyone has to become a programmer, but it can help you with many other things. Learning to code should be a condition for getting a diploma. I even think we should learn it from primary school. »​

“Steve will always be Apple’s DNA,” says Tim Cook

For Apple, training new generations in the development of applications for their devices is not without economic interest. In 2021, purchases made on the App Store generated €75 billion. The Californian giant takes a commission ranging from 15 to 30% on purchases made through the applications. With revenue of $83 billion in the last quarter alone, the digital giant continues to break records.

But for Tim Cook, the interest is much more than economic. “Our company was founded by a visionary who believed that we have a responsibility to leave the world better than when we found it”estimates the leader at the head of the multinational for eleven years, who succeeded Steve Jobs after his death. “Steve will always be the DNA of Apple”He also says about his former boss and friend. The missions that he must now fulfill are even more important in his eyes at a crucial moment in history. “Whether it is the devastating war in Ukraine or the deep uncertainty in our global economy, it is undeniable that we face unusual challenges. »

It is measured more in the metaverse.

Challenges that the businessman wants to face taking into account two principles that he has been promoting for several years: the protection of privacy and that of the environment. “Privacy is a fundamental right. It is always possible to develop new features without collecting data. It is wrong to say otherwise. » Apple’s internal activities have been carbon neutral for two years, thanks to the supply of its offices with renewable energy. “By 2030, we will extend this progress to our entire supply chain and the life cycle of our devices”he supports.

These ambitions should also apply to future Apple technologies. If Tim Cook always stays low key about his brand’s projects, he has a few ideas in mind: “I am fascinated by augmented reality [une technologie permettant de superposer des images en 3D à la vie réelle, notamment à l’aide de lunettes]. Tomorrow, like the Internet today, we will ask ourselves “How did we live without it? ”” And when asked about the metaverse, that copy of the tangible world in a digital world accessible through a virtual reality headset, he is more measured: “Most people don’t know what that means. There is a place for this technology, but you don’t want to have a helmet bolted to your head forever. » These are the first clues of what could be the next revolution of the apple brand.

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