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OD Martinique | The dustpan of the dustpan

Jonathan, the OD firefighter, was clearly marked by the gooey scene of the horse’s head from the Godfatherby Francis Ford Coppola. And no, it was not a “fouf-ouf-fouf-ouf” moment, on the contrary.

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To report a case of household filth, 26-year-old Jonathan dumped the entire contents of a dustpan onto 22-year-old photographer Michael’s bed, along with nail clippings, a dead bee and other kitchen debris. A cinematic way, full of passive aggression, to declare: heille, greatget up, it’s the kind of crap that is not tolerated in a barracks!

In the middle of the night, this siren set fire to the boys’ room and cemented Jonathan’s ostracized status, which no one chooses anymore. He is sure that his classmates do not paint his nails or invite him to play the Monopoly Deal. Parenthesis: It’s this card game (very entertaining, really) that singles make between two shows of Guru designer clothes.

The “no pigs in my living room” message didn’t sit well, but it brought the flavor back to a season ofdouble occupancy quite smooth, taking off smoothly, like a bike ride over the Caribbean sea.

Lastly, a short fathom between two hair color changes for mustachioed Jay Du Temple, ranging from Marilyn Monroe blonde to Benjamin Moore’s deep emerald green. Bring Lady Mayhem and save Captain Twist for a week, please. After the night bubbles in the flutes, it’s the turn of the mascara, and the “guyliner”, to flow.

On the linguistic side, Felix the 24-year-old cat continues to fill the OD dictionary with neologisms. When his kayak cut through the heat of Martinique’s mangroves, “where roots sprout from the water,” Felix suffered an upper-body concussion. “Honestly, I was shocked [sic]. It was super zen. He could have done yoga,” said Felix, always ready to follow the vibes and imitate an orangutan, which is actually a moorhen.

His nautical partner, the 29-year-old sexology student Dominique, saw clearly in the chives in Felix’s game. “It seems that he is not walking, well, well,” Dominique pointed out, adding that Félix, “if he drinks two or three beers, he is happy and the rest does not matter to him.”

Behind the barbeque, Walide, 28, fell into some cheesy vegetarian confusion. Broccoli? Broccini? What vegetable put Walide on the grill?

To prevent his “brother” Michael from falling by the wayside, Isaack, the 24-year-old Point Zero model, gave him a sports-agricultural motivational speech. “Great, you go in there with your astronaut helmet, sow seeds as much as possible like in a field of football larks,” advised Isaack who watches, sleeps and listens (surely). the song of the lark if you fall asleep. A Karrik classic from 1971.

For now, the OD board only serves as a safe haven for those kicked out of the main romantic adventure. In fact, this organization is the American League of reality television. We hang around before they take us out to play with the adults. As firefighter Jonathan would say, you have to take the gravel roads before you can romp on the “barley road” – sorry, on the way to Oz!

Who are you who are you?

Here are the 15 pets from the second season of masked singers on TVA they all paraded onstage at Mel’s studios before the duels start next week.

Two of the first three eliminations were easy to predict based solely on the roughly doctored voices of the competitors. In the first episode, the journalist Denise Bombardier, hidden in the Cocktail tiki, was recognizable in a few seconds. On Sunday night, we immediately concluded that the person camouflaged in the vixen, that she took over Men! I feel like a woman! by Shania Twain, she was also not a professional singer.

On the other hand, the vague indices of the capsule protected until the last second the identity of former Quebec Finance Minister Monique Jérôme-Forget. A good catch, let’s say. The most difficult to unmask was Mathieu Baron, aka the immense Chinese Pate.

Anouk Meunier is still my favorite coroner. She is committed, involved, insightful and has the best success rate on the panel. By contrast, Stephane Rousseau, who deliberately plays left field, should take inspiration from Anouk’s investigative techniques.

In the animation of masked singers, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge directs his beautiful ensemble effectively, but he could use more of his text to gain naturalness. His interventions often seem mechanical and a bit forced.

The elegant presenter, however, pulled off a very good gag on Sunday when the hedgehog concluded his performance: “I would take you in my arms, but I am afraid of needles,” he said with a laugh.

We agree here: masked singers, which derives from a South Korean concept, does not revolutionize varieties on TV. This is simple, fun, engaging and carefully crafted family entertainment that nevertheless gets repetitive. Exactly like the main theme of the show, which stays with us for a long time: who are you, you, the masked singer, who are you?

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