Michel Therrien does not agree with the philosophy of Martin St-Louis

Michel Therrien does not agree with the philosophy of Martin St-Louis

The Canadian took a new approach to his training camp this year, where a total of 74 players were invited. It is an initiative that was liked by some, but not by all.

Michel Therrien belongs to the group of those who think that inviting so many players was a mistake.

For the former coach of CH and the Penguins, only players with a chance to make the team and the most impressive hopes should be invited. According to Therrien, camping should absolutely be used to prepare well for the season.

You don’t have to give everyone a chance. Again, it’s worth it. It is my philosophy. Regardless, most of them won’t be playing in Montreal this year. A coach must be selfish. When he was training, he was thinking about the upcoming season and not about making everyone happy on the training ground. I zeroed in as quickly as possible on the players who had the most potential to make the starting lineup for the opening game.

-Michel Therrien

Therrien certainly offers an interesting point here, but the philosophy at Martin St-Louis is different and certainly has its advantages.

As I mentioned in a text a few weeks ago, MSL has a more modern approach. With an undrafted history, St. Louis wants to make sure as many players as possible have a chance to show what they can do.

Yes, it’s a busy start to camp, but the preseason is long for a reason. The Canadian will play a total of eight preseason games. Its alot.

Do players really need eight meaningless preseason games to build chemistry and prepare?

Certainly not.

With the cuts that were made today, there are about thirty players left in camp and three more preparatory games to play. That should be enough to give St. Louis a good idea of ​​the roster they’ll have in the first game of the regular season, or even for the next two preseason games at the Maritimes.

I repeat: St-Louis is a coach with a modern approach. for some trainers old school, his tactics may seem strange, but they are much more suitable for today’s hockey.

Another example of this is his very interesting philosophy of how he wants coach your players

As Ray Ferraro mentioned in the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast, it is by thinking like that that Wayne Gretzky became a good player. the Wonder he always knew where the disk was.

It’s really interesting. The [St-Louis] he plays chess while the others play checkers. It’s a new wave way of thinking. I would have liked to play for a coach who thinks like that.

-ray ferraro

Michel Therrien’s comments, as well as Michel Bergeron’s last week, seem to age the two men a bit. Yes, they had great NHL careers, but the league has changed and we are in a new era.

A lot of

– True legends.

– Interesting.

– Carousels are always fun.

– Postponed game for the Blue Jays.

– To follow.

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