10 products whose price has skyrocketed in the supermarket since the pandemic

10 products whose price has skyrocketed in the supermarket since the pandemic

It’s no longer a secret: The price of food and other products has increased significantly in grocery stores since the pandemic, and some packaging has been reduced.

The American site BuzzFeed has listed the many products that cost the most today, based on testimonials from Internet users.

Here are some examples of these particularly high prices, which we verified with three Quebec retailers: IGA, Super C and Wal-Mart.

1- Ramen noodles

“The other day I went to buy a pack of Ramen that cost 25 cents. Excellent savings on meals. It’s been a while since I bought one and I almost fainted. Now it’s 45 cents! Prices have not jumped; they did an Olympic pole vault,” reports Guinevere M. on Facebook.

Price in Quebec for a package of Mr. Noodles

AIG: $0.75
Super C: $0.49
Walmart: $0.47
(regular prices)

“A normal sized jar is over $10 now. I work in a grocery store and my God the prices are going up,” comments user rainbowgingerwitch86.

Price in Quebec for 890 ml of Hellmans

IGA: $8.49 (on sale for $7.49)
Super C: $5.88 (on sale at 5.45)
Wal-Mart: $6.27 regular price

“Bacon. A $5 package now costs twice as much. I get excited when I see it for sale, then realize it’s cheap artificial maple-flavored bacon. Then it shrinks when you cook it, lol,” says Lydia E. , on Facebook.

Price in Quebec of Maple Leaf bacon of 375 gr

AIG: $9.49
Super C: $8.49
Walmart: $8.67
(regular prices)

“Potatoes. I used to get a 5-pound bag for $4.99 at Safeway. Now it’s $10,” says user Cookiebiscotto.

“I own a very small restaurant. A box of baked potatoes was $20 two months ago; now they are $62 a box,” writes Terry C. on Facebook.

Price in Quebec for 680 gr of potatoes Little Potato Company

AIG: $4.99
Super C: $4.49
Wal-Mart: product not available
(regular prices)

“A pack of 24 Cokes was $8.99. Now it costs $12.99. A difference of $4 in a year is ridiculous”, denounces Internet user Deepaddle.

Price in Quebec for 24 cans of 355 ml of Coca-Cola

AIG: $14.99
Super C: $12.99
Wal-Mart: format not available online
(regular prices)

“Remember, many products have gone down in size AND gone up in price. Doritos chips are a great example for me, I refuse to buy them. The chips are thinner, the bag is smaller, and they cost $2 more. No, just not”, complains the surfer Babygurlpoint5.

Price in Quebec of Doritos Nacho 235 gr

AIG: $4.49
Super C: $3.50 (2 for $7)
Wal-Mart: $3.47 for 1 or 3 for $9

“I can’t justify spending $8 for Tropicana Jumbo Orange Juice when it was closer to $6. Even quart packs are almost $4. It’s just not worth it,” says Jaclyn R. on Facebook.

Price in Quebec of Tropicana without pulp of 2.63 liters

AIG: $7.99
Super C: $6.49
Walmart: $6.47
(regular prices)

“I can’t believe the stuff that’s not even butter went from $4.99 to $5.99 to $6.99, and now it’s $8.99! We now buy the smallest pot for $2.49. We only use it for toast, so it lasts about six weeks,” reports user rsgivens.

Price in Quebec of Becel margarine of 850 gr

AIG: $9.79
Super C: $7.49
Wal-Mart: $6.97 (regularly $7.48)

“At my Wal-Mart, eggs were 88 cents! Today, house brands are $3 a dozen! Ridiculous!” denounces Jamerica N. on Facebook.

Price in Quebec for 12 large eggs

AIG: $5.79
Super C: $3.85
Walmart: $3.85
(regular prices)

“The item I noticed the most was kitty litter. A large size of Tidy Cats used to be about $13, and now it’s almost $19. We have six cats, so you can imagine what I’m going through,” an unidentified internet user reports.

Price in Quebec for 2.72 kg of Tidy Cats

AIG: $13.49
Super C: $11.99
Walmart: $13.97
(regular prices)

“Frozen dinners and vegetables. A Lean Cuisine dinner used to cost $2 and is now $4.50. Its usefulness for lunches is no longer worth it, ”supports Jody F. on Facebook.

Price in Quebec Cuisine minced sweet and sour chicken, 238 gr

AIG: $4.49
Super C: $3.33 each (3 for $10)
Walmart: $3.27
(regular prices)

Have you noticed exaggerated prices? Do you refuse to buy a product because it has become too expensive?

We want to read from you! Write us at genevieve.paradis@tva.ca to tell us about your experiences.

*** Prices have been consulted on the retailers’ websites. Similar products were compared. Cheaper prices were also noted. ****

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