Georges Laraque thinks that Juraj Slafkovsky should definitely start the season in Laval

Georges Laraque thinks that Juraj Slafkovsky should definitely start the season in Laval

Laval or Montreal, that is the question. For Juraj Slafkovsky, who had his ups and downs during training camp, his fate will probably be known at the last minute. The Slovakian risks playing at least one game in the Maritimes to give him one last chance before the real season.

As Charles-Alexis Brisebois mentioned this morning, if he doesn’t play in the front row (he only played in the front row yesterday against Ottawa), maybe he will play better.

One thing is certain, the Montreal management know what they are doing and I hope they will not hesitate to send the youngster to the AHL if necessary.

Georges Laraque is convinced that Slafkovsky should start at Laval. The reason is simple: he has been good in one out of four games and now he doesn’t have the greatest confidence himself.

Also, my colleague, Maxime Truman, has been repeating the same thing for some time.

On the radio, Laraque also stated that if he does not learn to protect himself, they will kill him. That’s true and I’ve noticed it too: the winger tends to skate with his head down.

Maybe at international level and at home in Slovakia, playing like this didn’t have any repercussions, but in the best league in the world, the players hit… very hard. During the rookie tournament, thanks to his physique, he managed to stand tall despite a good check from the opposing defender. I’m sure if it had been a defenseman like Shea Weber or Zdeno Chara doing this check, the Canadian’s first-round pick would have gone down, even badly injured.

Yesterday, he was also hit hard on the ramp by Artem Zub des Sens. He is playing a dangerous game and the coaches will have to remind him to protect himself.

Laraque also argues that the Slovakian does not belong on the side of Suzuki and Caufield. According to him, this duo is perfect, but Slafkovsky is not in his place and if we compare his performances at the Olympics and his concentration in Montreal, “he is not the same player”. And I tend to agree with Georges. The guy has all the talent in the world, but confidence is key to success in the NHL. We repeat, but Montreal did not select him to dominate now. Kent Hughes selected him for his medium and long-term potential.

A stay at Laval really wouldn’t hurt and I’m sure he would love to play with his good friend Filip Mesar. In any case, Mesar finds the idea tempting.

Today, the preliminary numbers no longer mean anything. Before, when you were drafted from the front row, you certainly started the season with the big club. That is no longer the case in 2022. Look at Owen Power, who decided to go back to college last year. Slavkovsky may also be inclined not to play in the NHL.

As Mathias Brunet mentions in his daily column, apart from the numbers, there is no difference between guys like Cale Makar, Miro Heiskanen, Nico Hischier and Nolan Patrick, who were recruited in 2017. Each in his own way contributes to the team. .

The fact that Shane Wright starts the season in the NHL (and that this is not the case for the Montreal protégé) means absolutely nothing. Is a guy like Cole Sillinger better than a guy like Matt Beniers because he started his pro career earlier? Is Kirby Dach or even Kaapo Kakko better than Mortiz Seider?

And this is precisely the point that Brunet raises in his text: let’s give him time, Slafkovsky. The Wings defender just won the Calder, and yet he was drafted three years ago…

It’s true that the Wings like to simmer their youngsters in the AHL longer, but would Seider have played as well in his first year without his season in Grand Rapids and Sweden?

On the other hand, Pierre Bouchard is of the same opinion: let it develop.

Has no sense! When we took it out, everyone was as if they had taken out Jean Béliveau. You can burn these guys by pushing them too hard. Sometimes they don’t dare send them to the American League…

But there is an adaptation period. Let’s be pacient. – Pierre Bouchard

Yvon Lambert wanted to remind his followers that the Slave is not exceptional. It’s good that he goes to Laval for the start of the season. And Canadians have the luxury to do that… CHL players can’t play in the AHL for 20 years.

Do you remember Jesperi Kotkaniemi? He played in the NHL the year he was drafted (even though he had a good training camp), it was too much for him, we sent him to Laval too late and we (the media, fans, etc.) burned him. Result: He went under other skies and was another poor first-round pick in the Bergevin-Timmins era.

Furthermore, Lambert did not hesitate to bring back KK’s story to back up his claims.

Without comparing the two, I hope that doesn’t happen with our 2022 first-round pick. With new management and a wind of change in the organization, I remain optimistic, with that said.

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