This year I expect Cole Caufield to explode offensively

This year I expect Cole Caufield to explode offensively

Let’s talk a little about Cole Caufield. Are you tempted? Me too.

Canadiens fans quickly fell in love with him when he came to town. And, that’s normal. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a striker of his caliber wear the blue, white and red uniform in Montreal.

The American is a natural marker. No doubt about that. He still scored 72 (!!!) goals in 64 games in his draft year with the American development program and, to this day, one may wonder why he was ranked 15th overall in the 2019 draft. , even though he is a small man.

72 goals in 64 games, still 72 goals in 64 games.

The Flyers, who drafted Cam York (he was just knocked out of team camp) at range just before, must still be chewing their fingers as I write this.


After finishing the year in Montreal in the 2020-2021 season following the elimination of the Wisconsin Badgers from the NCAA and a brief spell with Laval Rocket, tit cole he played his first full season in the NHL last year.

No, it wasn’t perfect (far from it), but things calmed down when Martin St-Louis was hired as interim head coach. And when I say that things have been fixed, I don’t weigh my words.

Caufield was dominant in the second half of last year’s season. He was (by far) the team’s leading scorer with 22 goals for St. Louis and scored a total of 35 points in 37 games.

He was, along with Nick Suzuki, the cornerstone of the team’s offensive success.

Obviously, this turned out to be good news for the team’s supporters. Some had doubts at the start of the season about whether he was really ready to make the jump to the NHL, which partly explains his (short) six-game stint at Laval during the season.

But Caufield finished the season strong and obviously wants to continue the momentum. He has had a very, very good training camp so far, having scored in every preseason game he has played.

He is the team’s top scorer and top scorer with three goals and one assist in pre-season games, by the way.

Dude, boss, friend (call it what you want, basically) Max Truman mentioned it on BPM Sports earlier today. He, too, is impressed with the youngster’s performance so far in camp.

In his second full season in the NHL, Cole Caufield looks ready to explode.

He has the tools to do it playing Nick Suzuki, being used in the first PAGES and counting on the confidence of his coach. I don’t think I need to tell you that he also has the talent to do that.

We talked about it, but what would be “acceptable” in your case in terms of production?

I’m going to go with a personal prediction, although I know some will throw stones at me. I see him scoring 40 goals this year if he and Nick Suzuki can stay healthy.

Yes, that’s a lot. I know. But, as I said a little earlier…

The tools are in place to make it happen. And, he will want to score goals, he who will be in the last year of his contract. Even if Martin St-Louis wants to see him play a little more defensively!

He showed me that he could be one of the best shooters in the NHL because of his devastating shots and his positioning on the ice. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finish in the top 10 scorers this year.

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