Preparatory matches: Kent Hughes would like CH to play less next year

Preparatory matches: Kent Hughes would like CH to play less next year

Now there are only five days left before the first game of the season for the Canadiens. After a summer full of personnel changes, it will finally be a chance to see what the team will look like this year with so many new players.

Well, we still don’t know what exactly the formation will look like in the first game, but we can imagine that there will be at least a few new faces.

In fact, having said this, it is not exactly the first time, since tomorrow night the team will complete its preparatory calendar, in which it played no less than eight games. I don’t know about you, but personally, I think that’s a lot.

However, it is also the opinion of Kent Hughes, who admits that it is a lot of games for his club. And in an interview with Guillaume Lefrançois, Hughes said that in an ideal world, the Habs will only play six pre-season games next year.

Hughes notes that the decision to play eight games this year was not his (prep schedules are usually made a year in advance) and that he is currently working on the team’s schedule for next year. So, he’s trying to put together one that will be spread over six games, but he must get NHL approval at this level.

Remember that the teams must play between six and eight preparatory games, as established by the collective agreement.

For a rebuilding team like CH, it makes sense to reduce the number of games a bit. So it allows more time to be dedicated to training, where the guys can work on more specific aspects instead of just playing games.

For development, playing games is good, but giving guys the tools to develop is better.

And between you and me, I understand that players prefer to play games, but the fact is that in general it is a lot. To be honest, I haven’t listened to every second of the preparatory games: I’m especially looking forward to the start of the campaign.

Ultimately, we’ll see if CH will get the go-ahead to play fewer games on their preparatory schedule next year, but clearly, it’s something Kent Hughes would like. And honestly, that’s something I wouldn’t hate either.

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