Saint-Hubert airport business plan |  The "situation will be unsustainable", according to ADM

Saint-Hubert airport business plan | The “situation will be unsustainable”, according to ADM

If they materialize, the objectives of the Montréal-Saint-Hubert airport will create an “unsustainable situation” that will benefit “nobody”, alleges Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), which doubts the opportunity of the business plan envisaged by the directors. of the site located in the southern suburbs of the metropolis.

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Julien Arsenault

Julien Arsenault

The operator of the Montreal-Trudeau airport has so far remained discreet in this matter. A summary of his thoughts appears in a voluminous report emanating from a public consultation held last spring by Bloc de Longueuil-Saint-Hubert member Denis Trudel on the development of Saint-Hubert airport.

“To allow further dilution is to risk recreating the history of Dorval and Mirabel that led to Montreal’s marginalization as a destination; the world capital of civil aviation”, can be read in the letter, as well as in the letter presented earlier this year by ADM, which Press could check.

The ambitions of Développement de l’Aéroport Saint-Hubert de Longueuil (DASH-L), the non-profit organization that owns and operates the airport, raises concerns, among other things, about the possible repercussions of noise in the neighborhood.

The site wishes to consolidate its development by attracting low-cost airlines such as Flair and Swoop to offer regional, national flights and sun destinations.

For this scenario to materialize, Transport Canada must agree to amend a previous regulation. The ADM lease gives you an exclusivity clause for international flights. The manager of Montreal-Trudeau and Mirabel does not want things to change, especially after two years in which passenger traffic has been interrupted by the pandemic. In 2019, Montréal-Trudeau welcomed 20 million passengers. We will have to wait until 2024 to definitively turn the page on the health crisis, according to ADM.

useful anyway

Disagreeing with the development strategy, ADM acknowledges that Saint-Hubert airport can “play a role in the Quebec airport network.” However, it should be limited to regional aviation, private transportation, and flight schools. As for international flights, there is no place for a player other than Montreal-Trudeau airport and Jean-Lesage (Quebec).

Will there come a time when there will be enough demand for another airport to serve Greater Montreal? Not in the foreseeable future, writes ADM. A change in Saint-Hubert’s vocation would lead him to invade the role of [Montréal-Trudeau] rather than contributing to its full potential in its current role in the aerospace ecosystem.

In addition, adds ADM, with the exception of Flair Airlines, present in Montreal-Trudeau, other low-cost airlines such as Swoop, Lynx and Canada Jetlines are absent from Quebec. “Eventually,” Saint-Hubert could play a role, but only in the domestic market, ADM believes.

Invited to respond to ADM’s analysis, Saint-Hubert airport communications director Bernard Gervais declined to comment. DASH-L did not participate in the public consultations and is in the process of reviewing the content of the report.

The member of the Bloc de Longueuil-Saint-Hubert had already expressed his opposition to the realization of the airport’s ambitions. The report’s conclusions call for DASH-L to “review its business model” in light of the “concerns raised” in the document.

question marks

It is not just the Montreal-Trudeau operator who wonders about the vision of those responsible for Saint-Hubert airport. A user for about two decades, Pascan Aviation is surprised by the lack of details about the strategy of the site managers.

Pascan says he learned of a “100 million in airport infrastructure” development plan in November 2021. The Quebec airline says it is in favor of “any structuring project” but sees the question marks numerous. .

We were surprised that this presentation was so thin and sparse and that the business plan is reduced to attracting low-cost airlines to operate inter-provincial and cross-border flights.

Excerpt from the brief presented by the regional airline Pascan Aviation

The company asks that the development be carried out “in full transparency” with users. These comments are also found in the report of those responsible for the public consultation.

The City of Longueuil did not comment. It is awaiting the report from its Public Participation Office, which is also investigating the Saint-Hubert airport file, in the coming weeks.

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  • 2004
    Year Transport Canada transferred Saint-Hubert Airport assets to DASH-L


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