Alexandre Picard: “Half of CH defenders should play in the AHL”

Alexandre Picard: “Half of CH defenders should play in the AHL”

When we look at the current formation build at the Canadiens, we notice two things: the sheer amount of offensive resources means the team is likely to score a lot of goals this year, but the porous defense means there are likely to be a lot of goals conceded.

Because while Joel Edmundson, Mike Matheson, David Savard, and Chris Wideman aren’t villains, the fact that they’re in such big roles makes the defense clearly shaky.

And to these veterans, you also have to add a few defenders who will be in their first (full) year on the Bettman circuit. Kaiden Guhle should be there, Jordan Harris and Arber Xhekaj seem to have chances and Justin Barron is likely to refine his game at Laval.

But of course, we are not talking about the defensive team of the century, and according to Alexandre Picard, it is almost half of the club’s defenders who, in normal times, should play in the AHL this year. However, by force of circumstances, these guys will be playing in Montreal to fill positions.

I admit that Picard’s statement seems a bit strong to me (I wouldn’t dare to talk about half of the team’s defenders: Edmundson, Matheson, Savard, Guhle and Wideman, without being the best defenders, they seem to me of the caliber of the NHL) ), but his point remains: There are guys who will be in the wrong seat in Montreal this year.

And with Edmundson’s injury and the one that has sidelined Matheson for a few days, it’s even worse.

As Picard points out, it’s true that youngsters shouldn’t be thrown so quickly into the heat of action in Montreal. Last year giving them a chance was a good way to gauge them a bit, but with a full season about to start, it’s important to put them in a good spot to further their development. .

For example, if the HC judges that Barron, Harris and Xhekaj aren’t quite ready yet, I’d rather see guys like Madison Bowey and Otto Leskinen start the year in Montreal. The bottom line is that the organization’s future defenders are in the right place this year, and insurance policies like Bowey and Leskinen (not of NHL caliber, but not integral to the team’s future) can close the gap. gaps. if required.

And if the Canadians ever want reinforcements to fill those seats in Montreal (which Picard would like), Kent Hughes may have some options through resignations in the coming days. Hughes has already admitted that he has been watching this out of the corner of his eye and is waiting for the right player to claim him, who currently has exemption priority.

The important thing, and it is worth remembering, is to promote the development of young people and not necessarily win as many games as possible this year. If you have to hire 1 or 2 defenders with permits to allow youngsters to go and develop in Laval, you might as well do that: it’s an investment in the future, after all.

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– We wish you.

– Things have been brewing between the CH and the Senators for a few days. Reminder: The Senators don’t hold Xhekaj (or other CH players) in very high regard and have put together a very strong roster for tonight.

– The Blue Jays’ season rests on the shoulders of Kevin Gausman.

“At least it seems to have avoided the worst.

– Canada will have its two best players.

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