New video of Anes Tina: the Algerian influencers knocked out

New video of Anes Tina: the Algerian influencers knocked out

Anes Tina is back with a new chapter in her series of parodic documentaries, called “The strangest creatures on the planet”, on the Anes Tina Geographic “channel”. In a humorous tone, the youtuber addresses issues that affect Algerian society and denounces its scourges.

After making noise with his video about the “Kahwi”, that fringe of society with inappropriate behavior in public, he attacks the Algerian “influencers”, whose practices he denounces are not always honest.

Posted on social networks this Friday, October 7, his 3 minute and 50 second video achieved almost 2 million views on its various platforms and caused as much commotion as the previous one.

The rise of influencers

Anes Tina begins by going through the evolution of influencers, that “species” whose popularity is increasing, adopting inglorious techniques.

“The influencer becomes known thanks to the commotion generated by doing stupid things on the Internet so that mediocre journalists rush to interview him,” says the voiceover in Algerian dialect.

Thanks to this visibility, these “influencers” gain followers on social networks, which creates a snowball effect. People pages and magazines begin to follow their every move and share them.

The community of influencers is growing and has already reached 100,000 subscribers. Brands are beginning to be interested in them for collaborations.

“They are beginning to show their lives full of artifice and make their subscribers believe that they have a perfect life,” continues Anes Tina. “If there is a lack of interaction, they resort to premeditated confrontations,” she adds.

But, what works best to boost your statistics is to share your private life, especially your family and relationship problems.

“And during events, they show up with people they can’t stand, with their catchphrase: look who I’m with! “, She continues, pointing out the hypocrisy that reigns in this environment.

The phenomenon of “influencers” in Algeria

Next, the documentary tackles much of the world of influence in Algeria: the women who make it their profession. Anes Tina calls them “the most dangerous genus of this species.”

“They just have to dance on TikTok or show a part of their body to get millions of views,” explains the voiceover in front of the images of “Nahla TV”, an influencer who agreed to play the game.

Behind her filtered appearance and her perfect makeup there are complexes, according to Anes Tina. Algerian influencers then look for the slightest beauty product and the latest clothing fashion to show off.

“They are always looking for free products. Some even call them the “tallabeuses” (beggars, in French)”, adds the youtubeur.

Influencer: an unhealthy profession?

Through his parody, the youtuber sheds a harsh light on the sick voyeurism of consumers of this type of content, but also on the real danger they represent for the most easily influenced people.

By dint of being exposed to the artificial world of social networks, Internet users, especially the youngest, are negatively influenced and even create complexes that they did not have before consuming the “perfect” content of some influencers. .

Not pretty enough, not rich enough, not skinny enough, or too skinny, subscribers compare themselves to their favorite influencers and make them a role model…at all costs.

Thus, they run to the stores to buy the products that the instagramers show them. Without filters or limits, subscribers are often fooled by the stars of the network.

They fall prey to dropshipping, poor quality products, or outright scams, like that of students who have fallen victim to a company that promised them study abroad for huge sums.

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If mediocre influencers have been able to gain so much notoriety, it is because of the people who follow them and give them visibility by being interested in their content.

“Influencers are a reflection of those influenced,” concludes Anes Tina, who points out that there are influencers who produce good content and who deserve more attention…

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