Mariana Mazza |  Despite everything, we laugh in North Montreal

Mariana Mazza | Despite everything, we laugh in North Montreal

“There is a flaw in everything,” says Mariana Mazza. In everything, including her? Especially in her, we see thanks to north montreal, his first novel, of amazing sensitivity. “I know that there are people who are challenged by energies like mine. They will finally be able to understand that I am not just the girl who appears on television and screams. »

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sunday afternoon

sunday afternoon

In Mariana Mazza’s room there are two dogs, Bobby and Lino, many cushions and a number of books worthy of the back of a bookstore. “It’s just the last two months,” she says, pointing to a stack of a hundred recent purchases, including blindness of the Nobel-winning writer José Saramago, kings of silence by Olivier Niquet and Generation of family channels.

As a child, little Mariana would come straight home after school to do her homework at the kitchen table, while her mother was already preparing dinner and the radio was playing very loud. But most of the time, she Mariana stopped at the library in Charleroi (today Yves-Ryan) or the one in Ottawa Park to quietly immerse herself in her textbooks and leaf through the new books. “Those were my delinquent moments,” she jokes herself, remembering the studious girl that she was.

“The librarian told me: ‘It’s a maximum of ten books per loan, but I’ll let you take twelve. Don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret!” “, he writes in North Montreal. Tribute to his mother, investigation of his origins, chronicle of a neighborhood that is rarely talked about well; This moving first novel, which takes its raw material from the life of its author, is first and foremost the portrait of a girl that books have kept on the side of light. And that has been abundantly nourished, for several years, of what he finds in contemporary literature.

where do i land by Caroline Dawson, me, it changed my life! exclaims the columnist in Goodnight !which also evokes the shock produced in her small heart by the rich female figures of Elena Ferrante and the sometimes brutal frankness ofopen your heart by Alexie Morin.


I wanted to tell these things for a long time, but I didn’t know exactly why, and Caroline Dawson showed me that it had relevance, that my childhood, which I thought was trivial, was not trivial.

mariana maza

happiness, but…

Contrary to where do i landin which the innocence of childhood does not resist the uprooting of immigration, north montreal, the first title of a trilogy, narrates an essentially happy youth. “Very happy, but with many wounds,” says Mariana Mazza, born in Montreal to a Lebanese mother and a Uruguayan father, who met in Venezuela. She was 2 years old when her alcoholic father tried hard never to come back.

“It was after my father’s fault appeared,” recalls who portrays herself as a student who constantly had to curb her enthusiasm for school, to avoid teasing. “I don’t do this job because I have confidence in myself. I do this job because I wanted to get attention. In interviews I sometimes seemed to have a lot of pretense and it was a way of getting revenge. How many people who told me: “lower your hand, you’re delaying the group, you’re too curious”, pay to come see me in to show This day ? My confidence has become a shell. »

the mariana of north montreal — sensitive, fragile, almost shy — she could hardly be more the opposite of the rowdy comedienne who describes in detail her fecal activity in front of thousands of strangers and sounds the sirens of the language police almost every time she appears on the small screen. This uncertain Mariana, whom her critics do not suspect, is never far away.

On stage, on television, I would do anything to laugh. But when the camera goes off, I always say, ‘Was that good? Have I said too much? Did I speak too loud?

mariana maza

Talk too loud? Say the bottom of your thought, without inventing it? This is a trait that Mariana has obviously inherited from mother Sonia, who provides this book with her most moving and hilarious pages; they are often the same. His daughter brilliantly inserts between her chapters transcripts of her conversations with her mother, who recalls with a disturbing (and comical) absence of pathos all the difficult things she experienced: having to leave her first two children, being in a relationship with a man violent. , holding four jobs at the same time.

“I wanted to show how cold my mother is when she talks about her great dramas,” explains Mariana, bursting into hurricane laughter. “I have the audio: it’s even scarier! She should be crying, but she doesn’t have any emotion, it’s like she’s talking about her going out to Costco! If we could see the depth of her shield, we would see a 20 foot wall. And that wall, I had to destroy it all my life. “A silence. “Chalice, how strong is she! »

To work

“You see, my mom was in my yard all day cleaning,” Mariana says of her mom, who had spent the night before with her watching TV and drinking wine. Her work was, of course, for her a way to satisfy the needs of her offspring, but today it has become something like a way of being in the world, of feeling alive. At 62, she still drives an adapted bus for autistic children several mornings a week.

Mariana Mazza understandably raised her eyebrows, to put it politely, when Immigration Minister Jean Boulet recently declared that “80% of immigrants do not work.”

My mother, she has been in Quebec for 32 years and I haven’t seen her for a day without working! All my friends were raised by other people’s older brothers and sisters, because the parents worked all the time. Fuck your face with your 80%! I’m glad I didn’t find myself on TV in front of him, I would have insulted him until he cut off the microphone.

mariana maza

“Many people choose Quebec because they have heard that it is better here, because they expect to be welcomed,” he continues, regaining his composure. “Knowing that they heard these phrases hurts me. Rule number one when dealing with someone who has moved from another country is to say welcome, we are here to help. »

His novel is almost called My Queenin honor of his mother, but is called north Montreal, because “it is thanks to Montréal-Nord that I understand the value of everything I have today”. “I wanted to show that it is not because a neighborhood is problematic in the media that the whole life of the neighborhood is problematic. Each house, each block has its environment. But it is true that not everyone has the same chances of getting ahead. I, the opportunity I had, is to have this mother there. »

north montreal

north montreal

Quebec America

208 pages

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