L'iPhone 14 Plus... aussi grand que l'iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Plus: Apple did not lie, here is the new king of autonomy

The tests carried out within the 01Lab are finished and formal, the iPhone 14 Plus is a brute in autonomy. An exceptionally durable smartphone, which even has the luxury of doing better than the 14 Pro Max, which is nonetheless exceptional. This reinforces the appeal of the 14 Plus, without a doubt.

Last week we published our test of the iPhone 14 Plus, but we were missing the result of its increasingly long autonomy tests, since these smartphones are becoming more and more resistant. Good news, time continues doing its thing, they fell and now validated by 01Lab. Are here.

a special case

The iPhone 14 Plus has a bit of a special spot in this year’s lineup. It is an unusual basic version of a large format, a conglomeration of more or less ancient legacies. It thus shares its 6.7-inch diagonal screen size with the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 Pro Max, but is not entitled to the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max: ProMotion, nor can it claim Dynamic Island or screen. always active of the 14 professionals.

Also, for the first time in iPhone history, Apple is reselling a chip introduced in the previous generation. Thus we find, in the iPhone 14 Plus, the A15 Bionic, in the version that gave life to the Pro and Pro Max models last year (six CPU cores, five GPU cores and 6 GB of RAM).

The slab of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the chip of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the dimensions of the Pro Max, the 14 Plus looks like iPhone Frankenstein, already tested against the iPhone SE. Add to that the Plus designation, revived just for him, and Halloween won’t be far behind. And its “Plus”, the iPhone 14 Plus deserves it: it is bigger, more expensive and, as we now know, more autonomous.

01net.com – Lionel Morillon – The iPhone 14 Plus offers the same screen size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max… but it doesn’t have the weight of the photo.

Not a marathon runner, an ironman king

Not just more durable either. Not just even good, even excellent. The iPhone 14 Plus is out of the ordinary, above the fray. In our two tests, in versatile autonomy, which simulates and connects daily uses until the battery runs out, and in video streaming, the iPhone 14 Plus dominated the competition of the best Android smartphones. He also took the opportunity to teach his iPhone brothers a lesson…

It is in “versatile” that the performance is the most impressive. And, in our opinion, it is all the more interesting that this test comes close to “real” uses in its variety. Unless you’re a video or social media addict, of course. The iPhone 14 Plus lasts like this 27:35… Yes, a full day and three hours and 35 minutes more. It is colossal, and above all even better than what was offered by the new king of the category, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. His reign was short, but intense with his 27h21 autonomy.

The cautious promises made by Apple representatives were therefore true, the iPhone 14 Plus is a monster of power and can do better than the grandmaster in the field, the Pro Max model for two years. In fact, the 14 Pro Max had just dethroned the 13 Pro Max at the top of our rankings, barring an unlikely… but durable Ouikitel smartphone that came out of nowhere.

Does the iPhone 14 Plus achieve twice as much by taking first place in our ranking in autonomy in video streaming? No. On this occasion, it is content to follow the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its 22:57, with a remarkable autonomy set at 22:37. Twenty minutes down on the one hand, for 14 minutes on the other, the two big 2022 iPhones really do stand shoulder to shoulder.

But before we continue, let’s note two things. First of all, that these two tenors are only second and third in autonomy in video streaming. The unflappable king in this area is and remains the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which reminds everyone who is the loudest right now with its 11:43 p.m. Then that these two performances of the iPhone 14 Plus make it easier to forget the disappearance of the iPhone mini, which was always the least efficient – the compact form factor obliges – in autonomy.

A gavel argument against a gavel

With such results in autonomy, far superior to those of the iPhone 14, which are nevertheless excellent, it is obvious that the 14 Plus is perceived completely differently. Equipped with a large, but light, very powerful and extremely autonomous screen, the iPhone 14 Plus only loses ground in photos, where its two modules severely handicap it against its older Pro brothers – and even against Android competition for the same price.

Because, it is one of the faults of this generation: the prices of the iPhone have risen in 2022, and it was necessary to have an autonomy that was nothing less than remarkable so that people would forget it, or in any case excuse it. The 128GB iPhone 14 Plus is just €90 cheaper than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with equivalent storage, last year. A comparison that shows how much the range has seen its prices rise in a year… Now it’s up to you to check if, with so much autonomy, the iPhone 14 Plus is the substitute for the iPhone 14 Pro Max that you are looking for. .

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