Disobey: Chantal Daigle's choice |  A series of superheroes

Disobey: Chantal Daigle’s choice | A series of superheroes

With Disobey: Chantal Daigle’s ChoiceAlexis Durand-Brault’s intentions are clear: to make a heroine of the Quebecois who fought until the Supreme Court to assert her right to have an abortion in 1989. “She should have a street, a statue in her name,” says the director. .

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Waiting to be able to walk along Chantal-Daigle Avenue or admire a sculpture that represents her in the middle of a park, Alexis Durand-Brault continues until October 22 in Montreal filming a miniseries that narrates her winding journey, when she she falls in love and then pregnant with Jean-Guy Tremblay, a man who turns out to be manipulative and aggressive. Intended for Crave, the drama was signed by Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Pelletier (breakups, Vigilance tower) will show how, after their breakup, the mechanic, wounded in his pride and wishing to maintain their relationship, will take legal action to prevent Daigle from interrupting her pregnancy, an act that, however, had been decriminalized the previous year.

The issue will spread a lot, a lot of ink in the country and revive the abortion debate. “This 21-year-old girl stood up to everyone, to all the pressure groups, to the courts… I know she would have shocked me by media attention,” says Alexis Durand-Brault during a break from filming.

“She is a hero and we don’t talk about her enough. I hope that by watching the series young people will see how much we owe women, and human beings in general, to this girl, who has done something extraordinary. »

on the set of Disobey: Chantal Daigle’s Choice

  • Visit of the Désobéir plateau: the choice of Chantal Daigle.  Director Alexis Durand-Brault, surrounded by actors Éléonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle) and Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay).


    Visit of the plateau Disobey: Chantal Daigle’s choice. Director Alexis Durand-Brault, surrounded by actors Éléonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle) and Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay).

  • Actress Eleonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle)


    Actress Eleonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle)

  • Actors Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay) and Éléonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle)


    Actors Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay) and Éléonore Loiselle (Chantal Daigle)

  • Director Alexis Durand-Brault


    Director Alexis Durand-Brault

  • Actor Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay)


    Actor Antoine Pilon (Jean-Guy Tremblay)


Hairstyle (volume, lots of volume), make-up (blush that reaches the temples, pastel pink lipstick) and costume (long live the shoulder pads!) in tune with the 1980s, Éléonore Loiselle, who plays Chantal Daigle on screen, echoes the director’s comments by calling the leading lady a “very, very, very tall woman”.

I find it a pity that it was forgotten so quickly. I hope I can do it justice. For everything she stands for.

Eléonore Loiselle, who plays Chantal Daigle

By her own admission, the 21-year-old actress, who can be seen in particular in The escape at TVA, never heard of the closure Tremblay c. Daigle before being invited to the hearings of Disobey.

“I’m angry! I should have known that story! Why didn’t they tell me at school? Why don’t we talk about it at school? No idea. It’s that important. Because of our collective memory. There is still a taboo about it.” abortion. There’s kind of a silence. I’m glad we’re talking about it in such a deep and concrete way.”

a difficult role

Wednesday, the set of Disobey I went to Mamma Mia, an Italian restaurant in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district. Press he attended the shooting of a scene where a jealous and possessive Jean-Guy Tremblay pesters Chantal Daigle at work to encourage her to quit her job, only to further isolate her.

“Jean-Guy has always wanted to control his environment, emphasizes his interpreter, the actor Antoine Pilon (between two sheets, for you Flora). His way of gaining control was by lying, manipulating, being violent. »

According to Alexis Durand-Brault, Antoine Pilon “won over the Tremblay camp in the first casting.

He is the only actor who was not afraid of the role. From the beginning I saw that he was not afraid to be what Jean-Guy Tremblay was, that is, a somewhat silly, vulgar, unintelligent man. He assumed what he was, to be vulgar, macho, pretentious, cowardly… he is not very glorious.

Alexis Durand-Brault, on Antoine Pilon

“It’s a difficult role to play. But Antoine did his best. He went into it with all his energy. He didn’t try to smooth it over,” the director continues.

The director, who produces the series alongside Sophie Lorain, also has only good words for Éléonore Loiselle, whom he describes as an incredible actress.

“I sincerely believe that she will become one of the best actresses in Quebec and that we will probably lose her when she goes to France. She is so talented. The whole team is under her spell, by the way. Her candor, her freshness, her emotional intelligence, her absorptive capacity… In my entire life, she is one of the people I have preferred to work with. »

still relevant

Started in 2018, the series Disobey: Chantal Daigle’s Choice will land online in the spring of 2023, less than a year after the right to abortion in the United States was overturned after the ruling was overturned roe v. wade. According to Alexis Durand-Brault, current affairs in the United States confirms the relevance of revising this chapter in Quebec’s history.

“What is happening in the United States is appalling. It has no name. But that doesn’t matter much here either. Even today, there is no abortion law in Canada. Everything is based on Tremblay c. Daigle. It is the jurisprudence that does the work. No government has had the guts to officially make a law. »

“Jean-Guy Tremblay is a poor guy, but the big problem is the justice system. These are the real culprits in this story. Twice instead of once, the court order was allowed [de Tremblay] subsist The Superior Court, then the Court of Appeals. The Quebec judiciary slipped away from him twice. And solidly. »

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