A former soccer player defrauds his employer Desjardins of $ 243,000

A former soccer player defrauds his employer Desjardins of $ 243,000

They give him 6 months in prison

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Louis-Samuel Perron

Louis-Samuel Perron

An employee of a Desjardins subsidiary who helped clients open an account and make investments took the opportunity to withdraw funds from their retirement accounts. This $243,000 fraud could get you six months in prison. However, he managed to postpone his sentence to take training as a soccer coach.

Before becoming a technician at Desjardins Financial Security (DSF), a subsidiary of Desjardins, Cédric Carrié was a star player in Quebec soccer as a teenager. In 2007, he lined up for the Canadian Under-17 team at the CONCACAF championships. He also won the Quebec Premier Soccer League Ballon d’Or in 2012.

His new banking career, however, turned out poorly. Charged with fraud in August 2020, the 32-year-old pleaded guilty last July in Montreal court.

In the summer of 2019, Cédric Carrié’s main responsibilities at DSF consisted of taking calls from clients to help them register online, make withdrawals or choose savings products. He was also in “daily and regular” contact with group retirement savings clients at the McGill College Avenue branch in Montreal.

But during the calls, Cédric Carrié sometimes took screenshots of his screen and entered important information about his victims into the app. Pad. He then used the dates of birth of his victims to achieve his ends. When she created online accounts for clients, the strangest thing was that she listed “Sophie” as the mother’s first name, according to the joint summary of facts filed in court.

Thus, in just one month, 62 “irregular withdrawals” were discovered for an amount of $547,000 in the same “transitory group” of retirement savings. Among these withdrawals, 18 were consulted by Cédric Carrié. Other “irregular withdrawals” totaling $38,000 were made from three accounts in another savings “group”.

Among the 36 victims, Cédric Carrié consulted the accounts of 27 of them. His inquiries then preceded the “irregular” withdrawal of the accounts. Desjardins Internal Affairs discovered the fraud one month after it began on July 29, 2019. The total loss from the fraud was $243,373.

one last deadline

The document presented to the court, however, does not detail what Cédric Carrié did with the fraudulently withdrawn funds. It is only indicated that five banking institutions were used for the transfer of the sums. At the last hearing, on October 4, the Crown prosecutor briefly addressed the issue.

It is possible that Monsieur could benefit from a quarter of the sums that were withdrawn, but at this stage, I was never able to prove beyond any doubt what sums Mr. Carrié could benefit from.

METERme Sandra Trembley

That’s why the scammer only has $15,000 to repay DFS under the common suggestion.

Cédric Carrié was originally going to take the prison road last week, as the parties suggest a six-month prison sentence, accompanied by community work. However, the scammer snatched a final deadline of three months, despite the concerns of the prosecution.

“I wouldn’t want Monsieur to go to another country and never come back. I would not want us to postpone to January for the same reason, ”M pleaded.me Tremblay, who however did not oppose the postponement. The defense has thus undertaken to present Cédric Carrié’s passport.

“Sports Coordinator”

This postponement is necessary so that Cédric Carrié can complete his training to obtain his “license” as a children’s football coach. He is also director of the Association [de soccer de Brossard]. They are in high season and in registration period. Monsieur told me that his work is necessary,” said his lawyer, Mr.me François Letourneau-Prezeau. He also maintains that the rehabilitation of Cédric Carrié is “completed”.

On the website of the Brossard Football Association, it is indicated that Cédric Carrié is a “sports coordinator” within the administrative team, but is not one of the administrators of the organization.

After expressing some reservations, Judge Lori Renée Weitzman finally agreed to postpone the sentence for the “last time” next January given the “exceptional circumstances” and the “good evolution of the gentleman.”

“Mr Carrie [n’est plus employé] of Desjardins. The surveillance of our teams made it possible to quickly detect the scheme set in motion by Mr. Carrié. Please note that there was no financial loss to our members and customers. This is an isolated situation and steps have been taken to ensure it does not happen again,” said Jean-Benoît Turcotti, spokesman for the Desjardins Movement.

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