Nour Belkhiria admits her first few months in Quebec were difficult

Nour Belkhiria admits her first few months in Quebec were difficult

Thanks to her character of inès, which she embodies in Indefensible, the actress Nour Belkhiria is one of the favorites of the public in recent times. In real life, the young woman of Tunisian origin left her job as a lawyer to play a law intern in this series: the perfect example of reality meets fiction!

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The chances of Nour Belkhiria’s acting career taking off in Quebec were slim. He was born in Tunisia and lived there until he was 18 before her parents decided to move to Quebec. Already highly disciplined and focused on her studies, Ella Nour enrolled in law at the University of Montreal with the goal of becoming a lawyer. “My parents are doctors, so education in my family is very important. They were a little disappointed that he didn’t choose medicine, but he sucked at science! So I decided to make my law. (laughs)»

As one of the top of her class, Nour pursued her law studies with an eye toward becoming a lawyer. But the dream of being an actress, of embodying characters and letting her creativity live was firmly rooted in her heart. “Although I was studying law, I also wanted to do theater when I arrived in Quebec. But making a career of it seemed impossible to me. All my life, theater has been an extracurricular activity; I was even part of the law school theater company. In fact, I have been playing since I was very young. My parents knew that I dreamed of making it my job and they liked coming to see me at the theater, except they didn’t really take it seriously.

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Being very pragmatic herself and adhering to the concept of having a very solid plan B, Nour has in mind to be an actress one day while she becomes a lawyer. After a few years in Quebec, her parents and her two sisters returned to live in Tunisia. Nour, who is the oldest in her family, decides to stay on Quebec soil, because she really likes her new life. It was during her third year of law school that she auditioned and landed her first film role. Antigoneby Sophie Deraspe. Her dream of acting as her own is coming true and her talent is so great that she won Best Supporting Actress on Canadian Screens in 2020.

Along with her law career, which is also taking off, she continues to audition, lands a part in a reasonable doubtto finally win Inès’s in Indefensible, TVA’s first daily series, while working as a lawyer at an e-commerce company. “She had been working as a lawyer for about six months when I auditioned for Inès. When I told the production team that I was really a lawyer in life, I saw that it provoked some very positive reactions. (laughs) As an actress, it’s a dream come true for me, to play in such a series with amazing actors. And as a lawyer, I can say that I think it’s great that viewers have access to so much popular legal language. They will learn a lot; it is even very close to reality and it is fascinating”.


Today, Nour loves her life in Quebec. He puts down roots there and he has adapted well to our culture. However, his beginnings were more complex than she expected, even though she did not have a language barrier. “I admit that my first few months in Quebec were quite difficult, because I experienced a clash of cultures. Admittedly, it was reassuring that it was a French-speaking place, but often I didn’t really understand the expressions and the references, and I really felt like I was in another world. (laughs) Little by little, I got used to it. Now I have my circle of friends in Montreal and I fulfill my dreams there. My life is here and I am very happy!”

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