PCloud Vs icloud: Which is the best online storage service?  - LeBigData.fr

PCloud Vs icloud: Which is the best online storage service? – LeBigData.fr

pCloud and iCloud are great online storage providers. Of course, each solution has advantages and disadvantages. Especially since both are aimed at different audiences. So how do these two clouds compare? Here is our pCloud Vs iCloud comparison.

The default cloud for syncing documents, photos, and data across all products in the Apple ecosystem, iCloud provides its users with all the useful features expected of a cloud provider.

However, like all products of the American giant, iCloud is not for everyone. In general, it is mainly intended for fans of the apple brand. Suffice to say, there are indeed better alternatives. One of them that you may already be familiar with is pCloud. The Swiss solution offers its users a wide range of functions and foolproof compatibility with all iOS, macOS, Windows and Android devices.

In this duel pCloud Vs icloud we are going to see the main differences between both services and which one best suits your needs.

pCloud VS iCloud: Quesaco?

Launched in 2011, iCloud is a storage and Cloud Computing natively integrated into the Apple ecosystem. As such, it allows users of the brand’s products to store files and content on remote servers. They can then download them to iOS devices, macOS Where windows.

iCloud also allows you to send and share data with other users. Without forgetting that this service guarantees the all data recovery in case of loss or theft of a device.

pCloud is also an online file storage and sharing service. Launched in 2013 by pCloud AG, the service has a strong focus on the security and privacy of its users. Much more than a storage space, it guarantees highly secure data transfers and optimal protection of files at rest.

Storage space

To start this duel pCloud VS iCloud, we are going to analyze a feature that can greatly influence the opinion of users about a storage service. This is thefree storage space. iCloud offers 5 GB of free space for Apple device users and 1 GB for other users.

pCloud is much more generous. It makes available to its users 10 GB of free space regardless of the device used. In addition, the space is expandable up to 20 GB by sponsoring new users.

If you want to enjoy moreStorage space, it will obviously be necessary to subscribe to a paid offer. The iCloud offer starts at 50 GB, while pCloud only offers an offer starting at 500 GB, on the other hand, the user has the possibility to subscribe to lifetime plans. An offer that will allow them to make considerable savings in the long term.

security and privacy

Like other cloud providers, pCloud and iCloud guarantee optimal protection of their users’ data with encryption. On the one hand, the two services rely on the next generation AES-256 encryption to ensure the safety of your files and content at rest. pCloud and iCloud also guarantee secure data transfers to your server using the SSL/TLS protocol. On the other hand, to protect accounts, both services use two-factor authentication.

Where the two services differ is in the end-to-end encryption. iCloud only provides the ability to create unique keys for certain things, like passwords, payment information, and health data. For emails, notes, or even iCloud Drive, Apple has the option to read files in an unencrypted format. Also, you should know that Apple is subject to US law. Thus, if they are forced to do so, they can access your data.

In contrast, pCloud enables zero-knowledge encryption of all data. Because of this, only you will be able to access the encryption keys that you will create. Even your provider will therefore not be able to access it. Note, however, that this is of a paid option.

In any case, if you are looking for a stricter privacy policy and a solution that guarantees the highest level of security, pCloud is undoubtedly the best option. However, Apple’s solution has the merit of standing out for its functionality. private relay It helps protect your Safari browsing from prying eyes.

Sync and share

In this pCloud VS icloud duel we also wanted to examine two essential characteristics of online storage solutions: synchronization and sharing. Like all clouds, both solutions allow the synchronization of devices to the cloud. Therefore, all the files added to the folder iCloud Drive Where pCloud Drive it will be automatically accessible to all other devices linked to the account.

In addition, both services also offer to optimize storage. To do this, iCloud offers to keep lite versions on the device to take up less space. Although pCloud offers a virtual drive.

When it comes to sharing, both services let you create links and share them with other users so they can view and edit a file. In contrast, for iCloud, only users signed in with an Apple ID can edit a folder.

File version management

When it comes to versions, pCloud passes on Apple’s solution effortlessly. Actually, iCloud does not support this feature. Therefore, it does not give you the option to recover old versions of files and folders. For its part, pCloud saves previous versions of a file for 30 days for the paid version and 15 days for the free offer. You can even enjoy previous versions for 365 days for an additional fee.

So iCloud is less interesting if you’re working on documents that go through multiple versions. Another drawback: iCloud limits the maximum size of available files to 50 GB, pCloud, he, does not impose restrictions.

pCloud vs iCloud: the verdict

Overall, if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, iCloud is a good option, especially for syncing your different devices. In addition, the service offers the possibility of saving on the apple servers your passwords, contacts, calendars, photos and files. You can access from any device through the app or the web. However, we can’t deny that iCloud still has some work to do in terms of version control and syncing.

On this last point, pCloud is presented as a better alternative. Also, in terms of security, the Swiss solution is much more interesting. The lifetime subscription is also one of its biggest assets. However, we regret the lack of collaboration tools that would have allowed this service to win this pCloud VS iCloud duel.

In short, pCloud and iCloud are great online storage services. However, they do not meet the same requirements.

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