Ticket scalping: a “happy problem” for CF Montreal |  RDS

Ticket scalping: a “happy problem” for CF Montreal | RDS

MONTREAL — A victim of its own success, CF Montreal’s management has been grappling with what it describes as a “happy problem” since tickets for its East semi-final game went on sale Monday at noon.

On social media, many supporters have denounced the ease with which scalpers have been able to disrupt the market, creating a shortage in seat availability and resulting superiority.

“The members of various groups who have spent hours ‘without counting’ with typhoons and tarps do not have tickets. Shame on all those who took advantage of the madness around the [section] 132 for profit and thus deprive their most loyal members of getting tickets,” posted the Twitter account of Collectif Impact Montréal, a group of supporters who cheer the west stands of the Stade Saputo.

The club’s communication director, Patrick Vallée, admitted that ticket sales had “exploded” since the opening of the market. “The demand has been exceptional, it’s unheard of,” he said at the outset during an informal press scrum Tuesday at Center Nutrilait.

Vallée said the organization opposes illegal reselling, but its options to stop it are limited.

“We saw what was said on social media. We will investigate, see if we can limit when it happens. But it happens. We are against it, but it is difficult to control. It happens everywhere. »

The spokesman clarified that according to the information in the possession of the club, no malicious computer software played a role in the increase in tickets. “There was an incredible organic sale,” he notes.

Regarding the specific dissatisfaction with article 132, Mr. Vallée mentioned that before the official opening of the box offices, an email had been sent to the Collective’s representatives with a link to buy pre-sale tickets. “Either they didn’t see it, or they didn’t share it in time. Unfortunately, he frustrated some people in his group. »

Season ticket holders have access to an exclusive presale should the team qualify for the playoffs. “There is no remedy but to say that the best way to have a ticket if you want to be in the playoffs is to be a member”, Patrick Vallée wanted to advance, specifying that the occupants of 132 did not have access to it. privilege as due to a “series of incidents” the club had made the decision to close the section in September 2021.

The game between CF Montreal and New York City FC next Sunday at 1:00 p.m. is not yet officially sold out. On the team’s official website, a handful of so-called “Premium” individual tickets are available for $315.

On resale site StubHub, the least expensive pair of tickets was retailing as of early Tuesday afternoon for just over $200 before application of usual operating costs. At Billets.ca, four tickets in section 114, on the east end of the stadium, were his to the tune of $730.

“Gives us wings”

Those who are lucky enough – or have the means – to have pocket access to Sunday’s game will have a few crusts to eat to recreate the atmosphere that reigned at the Stade Saputo for CF Montreal’s win over Orlando last weekend. .

The Sherbrooke Street venue probably hadn’t shaken this much since the height of the rivalry between its tenants and Toronto FC in 2015 and 2016.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my professional career,” said goalkeeper James Pantemis, who signed with the Montreal Impact in 2014 and is in his fifth season with the first team. It was the first time that I was nervous because there were a lot of people and noise. »

“We’re sorry from the warm-up,” Pantemis added. I don’t think I’ve ever warmed up in front of so many people in my life. We feel the presence of the fans from the beginning to the end. […] We can’t wait for the next one. I don’t see how it could be better. I imagine it will be even better! »

Mathieu Choinière, who walked the field since the 80sme minute against Orlando, you also feel that buzz that has been intruding on the city for a few days. On Monday night he was at the Bell Center to watch the game between the Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins. During a commercial break, he appeared on the giant screen with the leader of the crowd and did not sit down until he was generously showered with applause. Before the game resumed, the DJ played a partisan chant similar to those heard at CF Montreal’s house over the speakers.

“I have been in the club for a long time. This is the moment when I feel that the community is behind us the most, judges the former academic. Worse still, it is a lot of fun. It gives us wings to playoffs. »

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