Kris Letang sees the Canadian become a force in three years

Kris Letang sees the Canadian become a force in three years

Currently, the Canadian is in a period of reconstruction. It is no longer a secret.

So we get to see a pretty young roster and I think that’s what’s exciting about this year. Even if the expectations aren’t high, I’ve had a lot of fun watching the games since the beginning of the season because you get to see the kids evolve.

I don’t think I’m the only one, either.

Kaiden Guhle is probably the player that impresses me the most so far. He highlights his calmness and his confidence and I have said it several times in recent days to some of my teammates, but… As of today, Guhle is (already) the best defender of the Habs. He’s that good, and I’m not afraid to say it out loud.

However, I love the performance of Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach. The latter continue their progression curve and if we trust in what they bring to the club at the moment, I tell myself that the next few years will be even more exciting.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves the following question: how long will it be before the Canadians are dominant in the NHL? Kris Letang, during the Lavoie-Letang podcast, answered that question.

The Penguins defenseman likes what he’s seeing in Montreal right now, but he thinks fans will have to wait a little longer. In his opinion, the Canadian will become a force in three years, which is really not a far-fetched assumption.

In three years, the young will reach maturity. Caufield and Dach will have 24, Suzuki 26, Juraj Slafkovsky 21, Guhle 23 and Jordan Harris 25. Next year’s top pick will be 20.

It is very likely that the players that I have just mentioned are the core of the team and that is why I wanted to tell you about them. They will still be young, of course…

But, if they’re good right now (and they are), just imagine what they’ll look like in a couple of years when they’re developed.

Oh how exciting! Nope?

Renaud Lavoie took the opportunity to ask Letang if there was any player who has impressed him with the Canadiens since the beginning of the season (note that the Penguins were visiting the Bell Center last week) and he didn’t hesitate for a second to speak. about Guhl.

I told you about it at the beginning of the text, but the young defender is starting to make a name for himself in the four corners of the league. He is already respected by his opponents and comments about him are always positive.

But there is also the name of Nick Suzuki, who returned to the discussion. The Penguins defenseman believes the play The (new) captain of the Flanelle has had a tic since last year, and he’s not wrong. We see how responsible Nick is on the ice and he is the best player in the club today. He is, without question, the leader of this team and it shows when you see him play.

All this to say that we will have to have a little more patience, but good times are coming for the organization of the Canadiens… And for their followers.

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