Gotham Knights: 5 things you need to know before buying the game [Critique]

Gotham Knights: 5 things you need to know before buying the game [Critique]

gotham knights comes out on October 21 and weighs at the beginning I had the opportunity to explore the action game developed by WB Games Montreal from top to bottom. After more than 30 hours exploring Gotham, here’s what we thought.

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My first impressions of the game had been pretty positive and I was even looking forward to going back to Gotham City to fight crime and watch the streets from the top of the buildings.

However, the news about the limited performance of the console at 30 fps brought me down a bit from my cloud. Disappointed that WB Games Montreal was letting down console gamers, I was still hoping for a positive and stable experience on PC.

After 30 hours fighting crime in the streets and musty cellars of Gotham City, here’s what I think gotham knights.

A little forced to know the DC universe

It is important to mention that gotham knights not a sequel to arkham knight 2015. Although several characters cross paths in the new game, it is basically a different story set in a parallel universe.

After Batman’s death, the four young heroes – Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood – find themselves alone. With the help of Alfred, they must pick up the investigations left by Bruce Wayne on the notorious criminals of Gotham.

Screenshot WB Games

We don’t put much emphasis on explaining the history of the heroes. Instead, we’re left to get into the game and discover the origins of the characters for ourselves. Although we learn a bit about the characters thanks to the specific cinematics of each one, we have to look up a bit of information about them. If we are a little curious, we can find them on the menu, reminding us a little of what destiny had done at its launch. “We play before, we will learn later!” This is the philosophy of gotham knights.

Screenshot WB Games

Although the main plot of the game revolves around this top secret society, don’t expect to run into the Court of Owls any time soon. It took me over 20 hours of gameplay before I met them. Thus, between the start of the game and the first confrontation against the Court of Owls, the game sends the player from one side of the city to the other investigating crimes and fighting street gangs with no fixed objective.

Eat, sleep, freak out, repeat.

After 30 hours of gameplay, I can confirm that all fights end up the same. In addition to the main missions that are much more interesting, gotham knights forces us to patrol the city to stop criminals.

Screenshot WB Games

Every night it’s the same, we find a crime using our radar, we go there, beat the bad guys and move on to the next one. These little crimes to solve are unfortunately necessary in order to progress through the main quests, but they are by no means intellectually demanding.

Puzzles and investigations are, however, the essence of a good in-universe story. bat Manbut in gotham knightsit is secondary.

awkward fight

I sighed and moaned as I played. gotham knights. Between my first test in the studio and the code I received, something has probably changed.

Instead of attending a majestic ballet, I participated in a festival of breaking buttons. Although the game wants to teach us to use dodge techniques and special attacks impulseyou end up tapping the attack button repeatedly.

a very lonely game

Despite the fact that gotham knights follows four heroes, the game made me feel lonely during my nights on patrol. There comes a time when we wonder what our companions are doing while we patrol.

It would have been nice to meet them in town, at least to get the false feeling that we are not the only person working.

Screenshot WB Games

could compare gotham knights to teamwork at school and that the player is the only person working on the project while the others do nothing.

Beautiful stable graphics at 60fps

Unlike my console peers who had to test the game at 30fps, I had the opportunity to try gotham knights on PC and watch it in action at 60fps.

One thing I can give to the WB Games Montreal game is its graphical stability. I never felt any slowdown.

Screenshot WB Games

Graphically speaking, the game is very nice. The use of lights on the facades of the skyscrapers and the ever-present fog give Gotham that sinister look that we know. Also, thanks to DLSS, there are times when wet streets reflect light from street lamps and add that “je-ne-sais-quoi” to the dark atmosphere of the city.

Do we run to buy it or wait?

If you’re an avid Batman fan, don’t mind repetition, or are looking for a game that doesn’t require you to rack your brains, gotham knights could be a good candidate, but not at $89.99.

The game lacks depth and petty crimes take on too much importance compared to the main missions, which sadly gets repetitive and lengthens playtime for nothing. Like what you shouldn’t always trust first impressions.

*The game was tested on a PC equipped with an RTX 3070, an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and 16 GB of RAM.

**The review was made possible by a game key provided by WB Games Montreal.


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