In the right direction

In the right direction

It is unexpected and surprising. Rarely have we seen so many positive elements fit so precisely into the right box in such a short amount of time.

It is very beautiful to see. It’s been a long time in Montreal that we haven’t seen so many hands in the dough. No brawlers, no hapless, and much less irritants, the youngsters naturally took over.

Very quickly, trust was gained around Captain Suzuki. There are no ten matches on the counter and the correct ingredients in the recipe are obvious. We knew about Caufield, but no one saw the Robidas department, Guhle’s safety, Harris’ rapid development, Xhekaj’s joints and courage coming.

In the concept of reconstruction, younger workers were not expected to lead until now. And Slavkovsky, the older little brother that everyone wants to boost. the little boy he loves Montreal, he says it and it’s not fake (fictional).

In life as in sport, confidence is a crucial component and we feel, we see that it is taking hold. We work in the right direction and the results appear quickly.

On Thursday against the Coyotes, when the captain almost fooled the opposing goalie on his penalty shot, the camera showed us the reserves on the bridge. They were doubled over, giddy with laughter, saluting their leader’s great success. A little arrogant, navels green, but he smelled of team spirit.

Silly faces

I write this article before yesterday’s game against the Stars and the beautiful fairy tale may have been crushed. Some nights it will happen and no one is claiming that the Montreal Canadiens will go to the Stanley Cup next June.

However, it is positive and they are bringing fun to the stadium. When things go wrong, we don’t hesitate to say so, so when things go wrong, we have to acknowledge it too.

Hockey has its theatrical side, and it was Michel Bergeron who, several years ago, said that he liked players who made faces. Yes, when he is going to sneak into the corner against one or two rivals, when he hits a hole in front of the net, when he hits an opponent, we want to see the effort, the aggressiveness, the bitterness on his face. You have to feel this desire to win the little battles one by one.

Will Martin St-Louis be able to maintain his doctrine for a long period? His salad is selling well so far. When the extra effort and getting high has become a habit, the coach can delve elsewhere.


Coincidentally, it is the young people who have taken a lot of weight off the veterans and who can only help this new entity that is being born. If the trend continues, it will not be easy to play at the Bell Centre. They don’t let go. From now on, juvenile mistakes are allowed, but not laziness. Cultural change works, it shows.

For the points, the classification and the series, we will see it later. At the moment we build plank by plank and start leveling.

of the enclave

  • The portrait of old men in the NHL has changed since the retirement of Chara, Thornton, Green, Spezza and (Duncan) Keith. The 3 majors in the league are already marc giordano (39) in Toronto, joe pavelski (38) in Dallas and zach paris (38) with the islanders.
  • marleau, go up Y gaborik are other names that you will no longer hear among active people.
  • The highest recorded score in the NHL is 12-9, Edmonton’s win over Chicago in 1985. The hatch was opened that night.
  • Old Norse and Bruins, the Gaspesian louis sleigh Today he turns 64 years old. did you know He was originally drafted by the Canadiens in 1978. And as a junior at Chicoutimi, he played with carbonneau boy.
  • The Dallas Stars, almost in the heart of the United States, are owned by tom gaglardi of Northland Properties, a Canadian company that also owns hotel and restaurant chains. Headquartered in Vancouver.
  • ryan suzukiNick’s brother, has yet to carve out a spot at center with the Hurricanes who drafted him in the first round (28th) in 2019.
  • David Desharnais (36) begins a fourth season in Freiburg in the Swiss top league. he plays with Rafael Diaz Y jacob della rosetwo other Canadian alumni.
  • Time flies. Yesterday it was 6 months lafleur boy is dead. I still have trouble believing it.
  • Golfers, be aware that the sun sets a little before 6 pm So if you start after 1:30 pm, you risk ending up in the dark…and cold.
  • If I had an NHL team, we’d have a little rule book. Since I put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars into your race, don’t do the warm-up period without a helmet.
  • canadian defense Arber Xhekaj worked at a Costco two years ago…must have been goalie ?
  • It was exciting to see the brothers Nolac compete in front of more than 50,000 people this week. AaronPhillies pitcher, and Austin, catcher for the Padres, were focused and serious as two potatoes. We’ll never know how mom and dad were in the stands in San Diego. The brothers are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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