Average goals against: CH is 10th in the league right now

Average goals against: CH is 10th in the league right now

Before the start of the season, there was one thing that seemed to be a consensus when we looked at the Canadian’s formation: the large number of talented attacking players was going to ensure the team would score plenty of goals, but the weakness of the defense was going to force the goalkeepers of the team to be superhuman to win matches.

In short, we suspected that there would be many goals in the CH games, but that there would be both goals.

However, earlier today, Nicolas Cloutier brought out a very interesting stat that I want to go a little further on: Currently, the Habs are in 10th place in terms of average goals allowed per game, while the team allows only 2.88 goals per game. play.

I know that the season is still young and that there will be downturns, but I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised to see the CH in that position. No, I definitely didn’t expect that.

How to explain these successes despite the absence of Mike Matheson, Joel Edmundson and Carey Price, possibly all three songs defensive most important to the Habs? There is more than one answer to explain this.

First of all, it goes without saying that the blue line rookies have been very impressive since the start of the campaign. Kaiden Guhle is already a Top 4-caliber defender (currently playing top-pair) and gives opposing top lanes a lot of trouble, which he regularly faces.

Their co-workerDavid Savard is also very solid at the start of the campaign. The joue plus de 20 minutes par match dans une chaise qui n’est pas la sienne (sur la première paire), mais Savard impressionne grandement, lui qui a bloqué plus de tirs que no matter quel joueur dans la NHL after the debut of station. However, his four points from eight games also show that he is capable of getting involved offensively, as we saw in Guhle’s goal last night.

Jordan Harris, Arber Xhekaj and Johnathan Kovacevic, the team’s three other recruits, are also playing excellent hockey early in the season. I tend to believe that the latter two will be the ones to take the hit when Edmundson and Matheson return, but so far they stand out for the right reasons on the ice.

And in goal, Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault are extremely solid. Allen, who also expects to face his former team tomorrow night, has a .917 save percentage in five starts, while Montembeault has stopped more than 93% of the shots directed at him in three games. They are very He struggled every game because of a lot of shooting he took, but so far he has exceeded expectations.

Clearly, therefore, CH’s defensive work is a big reason why the team is 4-4-0 at the start of the season (especially since the Habs only score 2.50 goals per game, which puts them in 29th place in the ranking). league). I wouldn’t have believed it before the season started, and I don’t know if it will last much longer, but clearly, it’s encouraging to see that.

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