Reliable smartphone: the best brands according to Fnac-Darty

Reliable smartphone: the best brands according to Fnac-Darty

Before buying a smartphone, it is essential to take into account its reliability and durability, to avoid unpleasant surprises and an early renewal. And in this area, some brands are better than others…

When you are about to buy a new smartphone, you are generally interested in many criteria: design, size and quality of the screen, photosensors, autonomy, processor, memory, storage capacity, price… But, often, we forget a very important detail. important: the reliability of the product. This is a fundamental parameter to take into account in order to avoid “trash tech”, that phenomenon that pushes you to constantly renew your equipment, either due to an irreparable breakdown or skilfully programmed obsolescence. Not to mention the impact on the environment of this practice maintained by certain manufacturers who clearly push for (over) consumption, it is important to know that the product you are buying is durable, in order to be able to use it for a long time. or have it easily repaired if needed. It is also in this regard that the legislation now requires merchants to place a repairability index on the labels of certain products: household appliances from the beginning of November 2022, the others will follow.

Therefore, it is essential to make the design of electronic devices more sustainable, to avoid the premature and unnecessary renovation of equipment that is still working, which generates a lot of electronic waste and, therefore, pollution. So that consumers can make an informed decision and choose the most durable smartphone possible, Fnac-Darty has drawn up a ranking of the most sustainable brands, based on the numerous comments of its 2,500 Post-Sale Service (after-sales service) experts, who take more care 2.5 million products each year.

To achieve this classification, Fnac-Darty was based on two criteria: the reliability and repairability of the product. Reliability is the ability of the device to operate normally without breaking down. Repairability, on the other hand, is the ability of the product to be repaired thanks to its ease of disassembly, but also thanks to the availability of spare parts and their price, a new parameter that was added this year by the firm. A durable product, therefore, is a product that lasts a long time!

Reliable Smartphones: The Best Brands in 2022

At the top of the ranking of the most durable smartphones we find, without much surprise, Apple, with an overall score of 142 points. More precisely, it has a reliability index of 147, a repairability score of 137, and spare parts availability for 7 years. A spare part costs on average no more than 3% of the product. In second place we find the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, with an overall score of 131 points. Its reliability score is 154, higher than Apple’s! –, but its repairability index is only 107, with availability of spare parts for only 2 years, and an average cost per part that represents a maximum of 3% of the product price.

Samsung is in third place with an overall score of 128 points. Earns 116 Reliability Points and 139 Repairability Points, more than Apple, with replacement parts available for 7 years and each costing an average of 4% of the product price. Next comes Oppo, Xiaomi, while it is the manufacturer that launches the most new models every year! –, Wiko and Doro. Nokia and Logicom are the latest.

Durable Smartphones: The Importance of Tracking Updates

Keep in mind that Fnac-Darty forgets to take into account an important element in choosing a smartphone: the manufacturer’s policy of monitoring updates -of the operating system and security-, a criterion that is essential to know if it will resist the time and cyber threats Once again, Apple is first, with at least 6 years of major iOS updates, compared to four years for Samsung’s higher-end models. For other brands this varies a lot depending on the model (see our practical sheet).

Aware of the problem of planned obsolescence and the impact of electronic waste on the environment, the European Commission is currently working on a bill to make smartphones more durable, by extending the duration of follow-up updates and facilitate repairs. In addition, it wants to make at least three years of major updates (Android 13, 14…) and five years of security patches mandatory for Android smartphones, which is currently far from the case, especially for Chinese manufacturers. . Note that some states, like Germany, find this insufficient and want to impose seven years of updates. The European Commission would also like smartphone manufacturers and sellers to offer parts and repair services for at least five years after the date the smartphone is withdrawn from the market. Efforts must come from everywhere!

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