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Pink Floyd Memories

Are there teenagers escaping from Pink Floyd? It seems essential at the beginning of the life of a music lover, because with 7000 copies of The dark side of the moon sold every week even today, this mythical group has never failed to attract followers.

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I didn’t run away either. At the age of 15 she destroyed the cassettes of I wish you were Here, The dark side of the moon Y Wall on my Walkman. This group has opened the musical horizons of so many young people in puberty that it is a cliché. I listened to Pink Floyd until I got sick in my early twenties, and just as I was starting to drift away from it, my little brother, who is six years younger than me, took a deep dive into the same rite of passage. Repeated, intense listening to him almost took me away from Pink Floyd forever, but he switched to rapping immediately afterward, giving the whole family a break.

That’s why I invited my brother to the press conference for the exhibition. Pink Floyd: His Mortal Remains, which has just started at Arsenal Contemporary Art. We have so many common memories around this group that the occasion was too good. We had seen his last to show at the Montreal Olympic Stadium in 1994. He with his friends, I with our father.

You have to have experienced this at least once in your life, because Pink Floyd have redefined large-scale entertainment, enough to inspire a tongue-in-cheek song on Mononc’ Serge, bad trip of the centurywhere he mocks amateurs who ran into the Stadium like lemmings. Man, there were lasers… In 1994 they did three nights and sold 175,000 tickets!

My father and I had never experienced a show in the company of 65,000 people, so in the first few minutes, high up in the stands, we were a bit hyperventilated, I almost left. But the magic caught us.

Thousands of lighters were lit (it was before iPhones), and off we went for a beautiful ride, despite the venue’s legendary bad acoustics. I still remember my father’s face, stupefied. He got up several times muttering admiration for the “tabarnaks”, and I probably looked both at my father and at the spectacle, because his amazement was a to show per se. For my part, I have never been able to forget that moment when I went into a trance with the audience in the guitar solo of Hey you — I felt like I was in a cult.

After the spectacle, mon pere avait acheté un t-shirt à mon frère et il a fallu qu’on tombe sur lui par hasard au milieu de 65 000 people, alors qu’il lévitait sur les champignons magiques et l’expérience musicale de ses 15 years. I suggested that he get out of there as soon as possible, before our father came back from the bathroom and found out. But dad wasn’t stupid, he guessed it and didn’t say anything. Youth must happen and Pink Floyd must live…

“Given what you took, do you remember the to show, at least ? I asked my brother as we walked around the exhibit. Yes, one of the most beautiful moments of his adolescence, he tells me. Thousands of young people had stormed STCUM buses to go to Mount Royal, in order to pursue the dream of show business, thus recreating the events of the previous generation who, in 1994, said that Pink Floyd was no longer what it had been.

Still today, my brother likes to fall asleep to the music of the play. echoes…

The exhibition Pink Floyd: His Mortal Remainswhich was presented in London, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States before landing in Montreal, is really a gift for groupies. With more than 350 artifacts, from Syd Barrett playing cards, electric guitars and keyboards, to puppets and inflatable characters from Wall –, we measure the artistic evolution of a group, sometimes in sawtooth due to the well-known conflicts between its members, which revolutionized the history of music by mixing theater, opera, animation, jazz, psychedelic, electronic and progressive rock, among others stuff.

The impact of Pink Floyd would not be the same without the contribution of artistic director Aubrey “Po” Powell, who defined the visual universe of the group, and for whom the exhibition makes a very good place. We met host and ex-RBO Richard Z. Sirois, looking like a kid in a candy store, grinning from ear to ear. He had traveled 10 hours for this press conference attended by Nick Mason, the drummer for Pink Floyd, who signed one of his records.


Nick Mason, founding member and drummer of Pink Floyd

Also, the poignant image that I will remember from this exhibition is that of Nick Mason, wandering alone in a room, as a simple 78-year-old visitor, looking at the evidence of his extravagant past.

My father would be your age today if he were alive. We weren’t expecting to run into Nick Mason during our visit and he kindly agreed to pose for a photo with my brother.

It will be one more memory in our family album at Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd: His Mortal Remainsuntil December 31, 2022 in Arsenal contemporary art

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