"Occupation Double", in the footsteps of reality shows "made in the USA"?

“Occupation Double”, in the footsteps of reality shows “made in the USA”?

The Double Occupation saga of recent weeks has made it possible to break the fourth wall of television production, where the candidates have revealed in recent weeks their shooting conditions and the support that surrounds them.

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“In OD, the feedback you receive is not to be a good person, it is to put on a good show,” Charles Montigny, candidate, reported on QUB Radio. of OD with us.

During the interview and before on Instagram, the one who was a social worker before the shooting mentioned that the contestants were not allowed to read, they could train in limited hours and even went several days without eating.

“We spent four days eating like ramen, crackers, then at the end I didn’t even have any more of that, you know. I had an Odéfi and then Gab, one of the babysitters, was kind enough to pick me up a lunch they were making nearby. […] because if I hadn’t had lunch [avec des] soda crackers,” she said in an Instagram post. He adds that this situation occurred due to a lack of production planning.

Although he admits that this situation is not the end of the world, he deplores the production’s justifications for these delays, which, in his opinion, “make no sense”.

The need for psychological support.

Although the production of the program has always maintained that the contestants had adequate psychological support, one of them mentioned that she would have liked to have more.

“For my part, I only had access to three sessions with the psychologist, so I don’t know what she was supposed to bring me, but nothing changed, after that I had to pay to continue,” Martine shared. Beauregard-Marchand, participant ofDO with us, in a live TikTok from the QC Scoop platform.

By offering these types of sessions, the show is a good student compared to certain American productions. adventure reality television The challenge not only does it ban books to force interaction between participants, but it offers absolutely no psychological support to its participants.

Originally from California, Sarah Rice participated in nine seasons of The challengeafter his participation in another reality show, The Real World: Brooklyn. “After Rivals IIImy last season in 2016, I had asked for psychological consultations and finally had to find them on my own,” he said Thursday in a telephone interview.

During this season, Sarah went all the way with her partner, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

As he prepared to celebrate his victory, the conclusion of a season finale twist remained to be seen. As the finals began, host TJ Lavin announced to each couple that there was also an individual competition between the partners. The member of the duo who collected the most individual points could choose whether to split the prize with her partner or keep it. A prize of $25,000 was up for grabs for the third place couple, $50,000 for second and $275,000 for the winning couple.

The two couples who finished second and third decided to split the prize between themselves, but Johnny “Bananas”, already the winningest competitor on the show, had another plan. “I don’t know how many seasons I have left, I have to plan my future, so I’m keeping the money and leaving,” he announced. Eventually, he not only returned, but was involved in the next seven seasons.

“I told the production that I was not going to return as a participant until there was psychological support from the production. Humans are not made to be judged and criticized by millions of people. This situation can make you feel a lot of trauma, like imagining that everyone is against you, ”added she, who now has a master’s degree in couple and family therapy and who has her private practice.

“The lack of follow-up motivated me to come and work in the field of mental health to provide the necessary therapy for this specific population. If you are a former or current reality TV cast member and need help, feel free to contact me,” reads the featured post on his Twitter profile.

However, it doesn’t paint an entirely bleak portrait of reality TV. “There are productions that do things well. The Great British Bakeoffering candidates a number if they need to talk about their experience is a great example. Onlythat pushes their candidates to survive in the forest with limited resources, they also do well,” he says, adding that more should follow suit.

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