Boston Bruins release Mitchell Miller

Boston Bruins release Mitchell Miller

The Boston Bruins have released controversial Mitchell Miller.

Mitchell Miller’s agent had just announced that he believed his client with programs to educate the young man about bullying.

It’s a big change in your case. It was believed that Miller seemed to want to help and educate himself.

Miller agreed to be released because he will be on unconditional waivers. Therefore, he agrees to reject the contract money.

We recall that the young man had been found guilty of bullying, racism and assault on a young man when he was 14 years old.

According to the words of Gary Bettman, the league would never have been consulted by the Bruins before the signing of Mitchell Miller.

The NHL commissioner said Miller was not welcome in the big leagues and he wasn’t sure if that could have changed.

After Bettman’s announcement that he did not want Miller in the NHL, it was already expected that the American League could do the same by sanctioning the controversial player.

Few people seemed to agree with this signature. Even Bruins general manager Don Sweeney had doubts about the signing.

Even the Boston players looked very puzzled.

Patrice Bergeron had also spoken about the signing. Believing his opinion may have affected the Bruins’ management decision.

The Bruins released a statement that they released him after new information. However, Arpon Basu states that no new information about Miller has emerged.

Clearly, the Bruins should have consulted with the league before making such a move. If Gary Bettman did not hesitate before banishing the player from the NHL, despite his young age, that says a lot about this player.

It could have become a very profitable risk, because the player’s potential is clearly present. However, such a gesture should not be forgiven on a professional level.

Miller clearly must not have helped himself in recent weeks, either. He must not have shown much ambition to become a better person. He seemed to be quite forced.

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