Behind the door |  Alex's photos*

Behind the door | Alex’s photos*

Press offers you a weekly testimonial that aims to illustrate what really happens behind the bedroom door, in privacy, far, far from statistics and standards. Today: Alex*, 49 years old.

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silvia galipeau

silvia galipeau

Alex loves sex. He likes to discover, experiment, play. His girlfriend of him? Less. But they found a “compromise”: erotic photos. Interview.

“I’m very pleased to meet you!” He tells us right away, just sitting in a little Drummondville bistro. “Because I can’t talk to anyone about it!” My girlfriend wants me to stay private! For her part, she would tell everyone: “I recommend it to all couples! It’s an amazing experience! »

How did they come to this? Long and revealing story, that the talkative forty-year-old does not need to be asked to tell.

So there you have it: he and his girlfriend have been together for 30 years. She is the third woman Alex has had in his bed, after first a blonde at 17, then a flirtation with a roommate the following year.

They met in college. “In a French class,” she remembers. She was very discreet, never made up, very natural. And that’s how I like them. No, it wasn’t love at first sight, “but what turned it on?”

However, I would not have bet on this couple. “When we say that opposites attract, let’s say that it really applies to us. I am very organized, very sporty, she is not. I’ve got defeat in the blood, she, not at all. […] I am hypersexual, it is clear, my girlfriend is not. […] I’m sure I’m 98% entrepreneur […]it is more passive. We understood that. “I’m the couple’s asset,” she confirms.

It is true that in bed “there are things that she does not want to do and that is not a problem” he takes the trouble to specify. “We still fuck a lot. And it’s still just as good. »

The first few years, his two personalities were still a bit “shocked”, he admits. But they walked. “I don’t want to hit her, so I stay embarrassed. “On her part, she has a beautiful ‘open-mindedness,'” she argues.

But ? “But it’s long! To give you an idea, sex toys took ten years! There’s no need for that, she believed. “It’s wicked! »

Nowadays, they have a whole collection of them and are happily enjoying themselves (try: “I don’t know if you know the Womanizer?” he asks, sounding conscientious).

“We have always known how to adapt, continues Alex, between two sips of beer. But it is never she who initiates. It’s always me. If she bothers you? “No,” he smiles, satisfied, because she always says yes. »

We have to accept that we are not all the same. […] It is in the commitment that the couple will evolve. We made many compromises, and the shooting It is one.

Alex, 49 years old

Here we are? Not yet. It’s just that for years, and not to rush her, precisely, Alex hasn’t told his girlfriend everything. And it is at this precise moment of the interview that he also tells us about his own fantasies, his dreams of a threesome, of debauchery (“for me sexuality is above all a game!”), and of everything that have. buried for a long time. It must be said that, for her part, Madame does not open too much about it either. “I don’t know any of his fantasies!” But I know she has! I finally hope! Until one day Alex decided enough was enough and he told her everything. Crack, suddenly. It was ten years ago.

We imagine the surprise. Shock. Worse: “the shock “, he confirms, making a face. But he stood his ground and offered this clever “compromise,” as he puts it: “There’s one thing I want to do with you, it’s a shooting Photo. You are beautiful, you are sexy, I want that immortalized. »

Y ? “It’s open,” Alex recalls. We don’t really know how he did it, but a year later they had a photographer, a hotel suite, a project. And he is happy about it to this day. “It went very well. Zero hassle, zero hassle. So he fun ! ” The fun ” ? “Everything,” she explains. Not just doing it, but planning it, thinking about it, yes, doing it, then choosing those memories for a lifetime! »

We suppose when seeing him radiate that all this is a plus of certain exhibitionism. And Alex doesn’t hide it. “Yes, yes, yes,” he nods. Because we haven’t said it, but he obviously participates in the shooting. What he wants, after all, “is to give pleasure, receive it, and have it all on film! These are memories for a lifetime! “, He insists.

In ten years, they repeated the experience a handful of times. “She likes it,” she says, propping up a black-and-white photo.

“She doesn’t like to plan or take care […], but she embarks and I never forced her. “And over time, “he allows himself more and more…”, he slips it, visibly delighted. At first modest, the photo shoots have become over time (and experience) a bit more erotic. More naughty, shall we say.

And has all this changed your sexuality? “It made her rich, but it wasn’t a springboard, Slice Alex. Making love in a room at 10 in the morning is one thing, allowing yourself to pleasure yourself in front of a camera is another. »

End of story ? Not quite. He hasn’t told us everything yet, either. Or he didn’t mean everything. In fact, with one of the photographers (and his girlfriend, then some of his friends), there was finally a “springboard.” “Erotic games”, he clarifies, but nothing more. “We stopped, my girlfriend, she didn’t tempt her too much. […] Me, I’m glad we tried it, we did it together, it was another experience, but not an obligation. And they never talked about it again.

On the other hand, the photos, yes, speak of it again. Because it is something they can do together, and pursue “as a couple”. Your common ground. Sorry, your “compromise”.

“And it has to continue. Keep diversifying. Do not get into the routine, because in sexuality the routine kills! […] But we must recognize that the other is not like oneself. […] And work on the commitments to allow the couple to come together”, he concludes. His way of life for 30 years, what.

* Fictitious first name, to protect your anonymity

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