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The devil’s lot | Let’s rehabilitate the settlers!

Settlers have been cleaning up Quebec’s reality TV spas since 2003, a pivotal year when Double Occupancy: Blainville has recruited its first specimens of rude and simpleton men, always 100% feverish at the idea of ​​exploring the unceded territory of the all-inclusive.

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Pass, villagers, in a season of OD, from the worst face to the endearing backwardness in their ignorance. And Martinique de Noovo’s harvest was particularly bountiful in terms of uneducated men, Mr. Big, pumping their biceps more than they plow their gray matter.

The Settler Featured on the Excellent Reality Show the devil’s lot of the History channel, which starts on Friday at 8:00 p.m. simultaneously on Séries Plus, falls into a much happier category than the one promoted by overdose.

Deprived of running water and electricity, the settler devil pack survive on wits, cunning, and a few Dominion dollars.

He insulates the walls of his cabin in Canada with freshly plucked sphagnum moss from the tree trunk. He knows how to smoke a porcupine’s den to capture it and then skewer it. And he doesn’t complain about sleeping directly on the cold, wet ground, between two evergreen roots and three large, sharp rocks.

Following the Abitibi forest of the Great Depression, the popular reality show Historia, which broke audience records in 2017, recreates a Paspébiac fishing school in 1934. The 16 brave competitors of the second season of the Devil’s Pack: Conquest of the Sea He lives there as in those hard times when the “zarzais”, the Anglo-Normans from the island of Jersey, controlled the cod trade in Gaspésie.

The first episode introduces the “characters” who will work hard to collect the grand prize of $100,000. These 16 competitors come from all over Quebec and hold trades not necessarily associated with survival in the woods: hairdresser, antique dealer, civil servant, specialized educator, teacher, beekeeper, firefighter, physiotherapist, researcher or nurse. Evidently, the candidates who have ventured into carpentry-cabinetry start with an advantage in this production halfway between Survivor Y Caleb’s daughters.

Otherwise devil packAs in all competitive reality shows, the bobbleheads risk being decapitated and the weak links fall by the wayside. Quickly into the game, we came to hate the colonists with strong personalities, including one with the “little Germaine” character and another downright obnoxious and impulsive one, who complains against the “shit-eating” genetics of his team. He’s not the friendliest, let’s face it.

We also criticize the idlers who lounge near the campfire rather than climb the walls of their “kitchen room,” a typical Gaspé hut that serves as a kitchen and bedroom for participating fishermen.


Louis Champagne in his role as colony inspector

As in the first chapter of devil pack, actor Louis Champagne reprises his role as colony inspector. It is he who oversees the progress of the 16 settlers, separated into two distinct factions, the rock faction and the cliff faction. Our inspector-entertainer is severe enough during the council meetings, where the eliminations take place, between the misery, the sea and the cod.

Not only the devil’s lot It immerses us in the history of rural Quebec, but also installs a captivating dynamic of alliances and strategies to seize the loot. It is very well executed. The opening scene, shot as a sequence shot, even evokes The countries above.

General store owner Marguerite Turgeon also returned to work by opening a counter near Port-Daniel. Coffee, cloves, macaroni, fish hooks, and flour—these precious items are expensive, and Marguerite doesn’t sell them for a pair of eye candy.

Pro tip, here: schedule and record all ten episodes of the devil pack, even if it means seeing them later. Because the remediation methods of Historia or Séries Plus don’t really reach the efficiency of a Crave or a Tou.TV, let’s be realistic.

The ADISQ gala comes back to life

From 677,000 lonely viewers in 2021, Radio-Canada’s ADISQ gala audience grew to 1,010,000 people on Sunday night. This significant increase brought the Quebec music festival back to the levels measured in 2020 (1,015,000) and 2019 (1,230,000).

With a full galvanized room, cracked artisans, a Louis-José Houde in top form and the disappearance of distancing measures, the stars aligned for the ceremony to take off. The pre-show co-hosted by Isabelle Racicot and Nicolas Ouellet (read: the red carpet) caught the attention of 609,000 music lovers.

On the other hand, two hot TVA programs were more popular than the ADISQ gala on Sunday, namely masked singers (1,650,000) and Revolution (1,207,000). In Noovo, the latest episode ofDouble occupancy Martinique was viewed by 461,000 fans, who will return to their daily OD starting on November 14. Do you feel “pushed” with emotion as Clémence aka Blue dress aka Jinx?

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