"We were two lost souls": discover the woman behind Hubert Lenoir

“We were two lost souls”: discover the woman behind Hubert Lenoir

He posed like a Felix on the stage of the ADISQ gala last Sunday, just before Hubert Lenoir gave one of his speeches of thanks. Faithful accomplice of the singer for almost ten years, Noémie D. Leclerc is in all her projects, often in the shadows. “We ran away, Hubert and I. We were two lost souls, ”says the 26-year-old about her best friend.

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“I owe her everything,” Hubert Lenoir replied in an interview when asked about Noémie D. Leclerc. And he wasn’t really exaggerating.

Hubert Lenoir's accomplice imitated a Felix before giving his acceptance speech.


Hubert Lenoir’s accomplice imitated a Felix before giving his acceptance speech.

The first album released by the composer, give him in 2018, it was Noémie who financed it with her own savings. “I worked from the age of 15 to 18 at McDonald’s on Boulevard Sainte-Anne. [à Québec]tells Noémie in Trunk. All my paychecks, I split them in half. Half went into a savings account. I took all this accumulated money to finance give him.”

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Noémie had first met Hubert five years earlier, when he was doing a show at the now-defunct Cercle in Quebec. “It was so special, so different. He had all the confidence imaginable, she remembers. […] I remember that I fell in love with him directly. I fell in love, complete, total, immediate”.

After losing sight of each other, they would meet by chance, the same year, on the Plains of Abraham during the Paul McCartney concert. “I think we took it as a sign. We never let go afterwards. […] We understood very quickly that we were soul mates because we were fundamentally artists and we understood each other in the type of art we wanted to do.

Noémie and Hubert, in February 2022.

Photo courtesy of Noémie D. Leclerc

Noémie and Hubert, in February 2022.

Big surprise

In 2018, when it was time to finance give him, Noémie D. Leclerc did not hesitate. “At the time, she really didn’t have any money,” says Hubert.

The album cost $7,000 to produce and launched the singer’s career. But at the time, the record would only be used as a soundtrack for the book. Darlene, that Noémie had written. “It was a big surprise,” she said. We didn’t have a plan.”

We know the rest. give him I was going to win 4 Felix. Four years later, Hubert released his second album, IPSE IMAGE: Direct Musicwho received a total of 7 Felix.

All the official photos, all the Hubert Lenoir music videos, it’s Noémie who made them. After studying a semester of Literature at CEGEP, she dedicated herself to cinema. She considers herself self-taught and would like to make movies one day.

Hubert and Noémie, in January 2018

Photo Archives, QMI Agency

Hubert and Noémie, in January 2018

no scene call

On Hubert’s new tour, Noémie accompanies him on stage with a video camera that transmits live images. Since she is so closely related to the singer, did she ever think of forming a duet with him?

“I don’t want to make a scene in life. It’s not my call, she replies. I don’t play an instrument either. I’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight. […] At every event, there’s always a guy who comes to tell me, in a hyper-condescending way, that it looks like I need to emancipate myself. It bothers me! I chose my place. I am extremely lucky to have the position that I have.”

In the past few days, Hubert Lenoir nous avait dit que los deux albums qu’il avait lancés dans les dernières années n’étaient que «la pointe de l’iceberg» pour lui et qu’il avait d’other ambitions pour la continuation. Noémie is not surprised by these comments.

“Hubert, he gets up in the middle of the night, opens my cell phone or his cell phone and records a tune he dreamed of. The next morning, we hear him and he is sick! It has so much music in it. Good music that makes you dance, music that gives you life. I think we’re going to need this. I can’t wait to hear the next song he’s going to write. I’m really ready. I will be there for him anytime he needs me. He is safe and secure.”

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