David Savard: A potential target for a desperate defensive team

David Savard: A potential target for a desperate defensive team

Since the beginning of the season, David Savard has done an excellent job on the Canadiens’ defensive team. The veteran takes mentoring him very seriously, and while he was forced to play big minutes in a chair that may not be the best fit for him, the fact is he shows up in every game and does it well.

Note also that his 49 blocked shots ranks him second in the Bettman Circuit, a feat worth noting.

Earlier this week, colleague Pablo Herrera-Vergara signed a text stating that Savard has never been more important to CH than he is now. Basically, I completely agree with his argument: It is true that Savard is an important part of the equation for the development of today’s young defenders.

Clearly, then, Savard’s value in Montreal is high. At $3.5 million a year, he’s not too expensive, and aside from the fact that his deal runs out at the end of the 2024-25 season, it’s still a deal that handles well on the books.

On the other hand, and this is where I want to bring you today, even if Savard’s value in Montreal is very good, could it be even better elsewhere?

I’m not saying it’s absolutely necessary to change Savard. After all, he doesn’t cost too much and is so important to the Montreal team right now that it would be a huge loss.

That said, Savard just turned 32 years old. His market value is likely to only go down in the coming years and releasing his contract from payroll would give CH some wiggle room in the years to come.

And this is where I want to tell you a little bit about the Ottawa Senators.

Since the beginning of the season, things have not gone very well for the Sense. Expectations were high in the capital, and so far it’s been mainly DJ Smith’s increasingly sizzling seat that has turned heads. There are good resources in attack, but defensively we feel that it is fragile.

This is where a Savard in great form from the start of the season comes into play.

So one wonders if somewhat desperate senators aren’t ready to go to great lengths to have a guy like Savard solidify their defense. Kent Hughes has the luxury of being patient, but Pierre Dorion (who also came to watch CH’s game against the Canucks this week) does not have it as much.

On Thursday night, Martin Leclerc began to speculate a bit about the radio waves of BPM SportsAnd without necessarily relying on anything concrete, he wondered if Senators might not be ready to entertain the idea of ​​trading Shane Pinto for an immediate reinforcement.

Obviously, it would take a lot more than Savard to get Pinto out of the Senators organization (and into a division rival), but we know the Senators are also interested in Christian Dvorak. Again, I think something more needs to be added, but there may be a basis for agreement here.

Is this a likely scenario? Probably not, no. After all, Pinto is one of the top prospects in Ottawa and the HC will have to be willing to pay to get him, but if the losses keep piling up in Ottawa, maybe Dorion starts smelling hot soup and will be more inclined to go for it. a slightly more desperate transaction.

For Senators to consider the idea, however, Savard will have to keep playing great hockey. More than the presence of Joel Edmundson (qui pourrait lui aussi être une cible pour une équipe plus despair), Mike Matheson et Chris Wideman, le CH pourrait considérer l’idee d’échanger un defender vétéran et laisser les autres être les mentors Young.

It will continue then.

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– By the way.

– Some fines in the NHL.

– Several interesting first basemen are free as air in the MLB.

– George Russell will start from pole tomorrow in Brazil.

– Shame.

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