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A hotel that closes too quickly

In the jargon of the trade, this is called having a “sleepless night.” A network puts into orbit a series that is supposed to take place over several seasons. Viewers board the shuttle, become attached to the characters and speculate about the fate of this television odyssey.

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Then after a short stint in the media space, Houston, we have a problem, we pull the plug on everything. This is what torpedoed the excellent soap cosmetic-historical White Night on Radio Canada. This was what precipitated the closure of the telenovela Hotel on TVA, which will end next April after only 24 episodes on screen.

Also, the grand finale ofHotel will give up his amateurs in multiple hits that will never be resolved. And that’s really annoying for people who have invested 24 hours of their time in a series that will leave them there, without any explanation.

“Yes, it’s an open ending for several characters,” confirms producer Sophie Deschênes of Sovimage, which makes Hotel for VAT

At first, Hotel It was conceived as a serial work to be extended over three years. The progression of the plots, the rise or fall of the protagonists, the amortization of decoration expenses as well as the sequence of investments, everything was imagined according to this schedule similar to that of the soap opera. Oh.

But as the executions ofHotel Wrapped up last July, there’s no way to rework the ending to make it satisfying for the faithful.

It is kapout for the elegant establishment of the Dumont family, located in the heart of Old Montreal. Thus, the story will end in a fishtail in the kitchens of curmudgeonly chef Odile (Olivia Palacci).

With its average of 763,000 addicts, which includes recordings, Hotel it does well in its Thursday 8pm time slot AND with a bill of less than $400,000 an hour, which is half the price of a heavy series like that’s how i love you, Hotel I wasn’t burning money unnecessarily. Why then lay the ax on this new construction?

“To be honest, we didn’t see it coming. We were in development for the second season ofHotel. The comments were good, TVA was satisfied with the edition, the texts and the actors, and the public was there. Yes, there is still an audience for soap operas. Generally speaking, TVA told us that it was a financial question and a question of the choice of the programming schedule”, explains the producer Sophie Deschênes. For its part, TVA did not respond to our requests for interviews about the murder ofHotel.

Hotel is one of the few Quebec programs that are written with a ” swimming pool playwrights,” as we often see in the United States. Script editor Yves Lapierre and screenwriters (Nathalie Bourdelais, Annie Langlois, Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot, and Rachel Cardillo) brainstormed and charted the paths of mischievous rich kid Guillaume Dumont (Emmanuel Schwartz) or his sworn enemy Sarah Joseph (Marie-Evelyne Lessard).

The six episodes developed for the second season will end up in the trash. Unfortunately, this is not the first misfortune to happen. Hotel. The start of production was delayed twice due to a shortage of technicians. And two days after the first crank, the production still hadn’t discovered a prop man.

TVA and Quebecor soap operas are doing poorly these days. In Club illico, the series Uswho won a prestigious Gemini Award in September, was also removed from the airwaves, while The escapeone of the great successes of TVA, will disappear at the same time asHotelin the spring of 2023.

Bad weather for soap operas, right?

the pet unmasked !

Who are you, you, the masked star? Who are you ? It is Sunday afternoon that the identity of the star international invited to masked singers It will be revealed. Do you want to know who it is? If so, continue reading. Otherwise she skips to sudoku, thanks.

So, according to a well-connected source, it’s none other than Nick Carter, the youngest of the Backstreet Boys, who will don the sphinx-cat costume on Sunday. All the clues distilled in the capsules point to the 42-year-old artist.

First, Nick Carter spent his youth in Florida, never traveling alone (hence in a group), making his way to Quebec in 1996 with the Backstreet Boys, releasing an album titled I’m going to take off (hence the private jet), he once had a sphinx-cat and the phone that says “battery low” directly refers to the song The call, which became popular in 2000. Additionally, the Backstreet Boys resided at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas between 2017 and 2019.

Speaking of the Backstreet Boys, they’ll be singing two nights on the set of 4 July week in Noovo, on December 7 and 8. Of course, two weeks before Christmas Nick, AJ, Howie, Brian and Kevin will draw their new album. A very street Christmas for everyone to “get down, get down and move”.

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