sugar |  Cruising is no fun anymore

sugar | Cruising is no fun anymore

Six years after spreading like wildfire, the saga of the Quebec influencers arrested for drug trafficking in Australia is about to go around the world again with Sugaran Amazon Studios movie landing on Prime Video on Friday.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

The spokesmen for the American giant insist, Sugar (in French, The trap) is not “based” on the epic by Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé; rather, it is a work of fiction “inspired” by the travails of the two women, arrested in Sydney in 2016 for importing 95kg of cocaine, worth around $30 million. The unlucky ones, who lived on the South Coast, had agreed to serve as mules aboard a luxury cruise ship, in exchange for photos to feed their Instagram accounts and a sum of money.

After spending a lot of time in prison, the duo recently regained their freedom.

Directed by Vic Sarin and produced by Sepia Films and Connect3 Media, Sugar takes up the main story lines of Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé, renamed Melanie and Chloe for the occasion.

The feature film immerses us in the universe of the tandem, a universe of social networks in which we photograph every moment worthy of interest, as long as the lighting is flattering, of course.

The cruiser has fun during part of the thriller. The watered parties follow one another, the paradisiacal landscapes parade and, above all, the “likes” return at great speed, but when the mirage vanishes, the dream trip turns into a nightmare.


Jasmine Sky Sarin (Melanie) and Katherine McNamara (Chloe) in Sugar

in interview zoomactress Jasmine Sky Sarin, who plays Melanie in Sugar, admits that he had never heard of the famous news before joining the distribution of the Canadian-Mexican film. “It’s disturbing as a business,” she says. When they told me that it was inspired by a true story, I wanted to know more, it was crazy! »

Owner of an Instagram account herself that regularly feeds hyper licked shots, the 23-year-old actress and former YouTuber got to know the web culture in which the protagonists were immersed before starting the filming of the feature film in Cancun, in November 2021.

“Playing this character made me think about the choices you can make and what you do online. I spent my time posting on Instagram. I shared everything I did. And I gave great importance to taking good photos, to collecting pleasures, etc. He made me realize that deep down, none of that matters. It’s not real. This is the main message of the movie, I think. »


scene of Sugar

Sugar also stars Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters) and Eric Bruneau. The Quebec actor plays the role of the Montreal trafficker who pulls the strings of the clandestine operation.


Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé were not involved in the development of Sugar. Accompanied by phone, the former emphasizes that she did not feel the need to transfer her experience to the small screen, especially since she recounts the events in Unfilteredbiography he wrote together with Claudia Berthiaume, a journalist from montreal daily.

“It’s my own story,” says Mélina Roberge. This is the crudest version that I have been able to tell. I didn’t want to make another movie. Because too much is like not enough. And I’m trying to get my life back. »

The 28-year-old isn’t sure yet if she’ll take the time to watch. Sugar. However, he does admit to seeing the trailer for him, which he describes as “very, very, very fictional.”

They added a lot of details that never made it into the story, and that’s up to them. But sometimes it’s a bit frustrating, because people who see the movie will think it’s the truth.

melina roberto

“I’m not very curious about this story, because I’ve heard a lot about it,” he continues. I have not read any articles about my book, because most of the time they are not good reviews. People have an opinion when they leave. They think that [je l’ai écrit] for reasons of money or to become popular. »


Isabelle Lagace and Melina Roberge in 2016

The “Cocaine Cowgirls” saga (nickname inherited from the international media) has also triggered the start of a documentary series that will land on Crave in December. Title Cocaine, prison and tastes: the true story of Isabellethe offer of three episodes includes the testimony of Isabelle Lagacé, who did not accept our request for an interview.

“I judged her”

Successive releases of a book, film and documentary series are sure to bring Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé’s odyssey back this fall. For some, it will be an opportunity to reassess their position on the case.

Like many observers, actress Jasmine Sky Sarin admits to being “a little judgmental” of Melanie when she first took a look at the script for Sugar. But after three months of filming, his vision had changed.

“When you’re playing a character, you have to really immerse yourself, have empathy, understand it… At first I thought, ‘I would never have done that!’ But the more that happened, the more I understood why he was doing what he was doing, why he was doing this or that gesture. I hope that’s the case for viewers.”

Sugar lands on Prime Video on Friday in its original English version. A French version (with or without subtitles) will also be offered. Cocaine, prison and tastes: the true story of Isabelle lands at Crave on December 2. Unfiltered is available from Editions du Journal.

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