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The Rift 3 | So good monks?

The third season of Failure plunges us into a dense “monk and mystery” investigation, where Detective Sergeant Céline Trudeau (excellent Isabel Richer) unravels her past filled with 1950s skeletons, religious jewelery and rival families that have hated each other since the prohibition era.

Is it worth spending eight hours listening to the third and final episode of Club illico’s thriller, available for one week to its paying subscribers? After two scruffy episodes, where the plot dazes and dissolves between a strange abbey, a faded hotel-restaurant and an ancient orchard, I would have said no. Confused story, fuzzy beginning, crack 3 falls into its own deep crack.

But for the fifth episode, I would say yes, Frédéric Ouellet’s detective series deserves your (full) attention. The punch at the end of the second episode hooks us into the hyper-stocked narrative, and the shocking revelations in the fourth hour push the investigation to a more captivating level. However, you have to test your patience and accept not understanding everything, including several inaudible lines, because their interpreters mumble it. An unstoppable scourge, we must believe.

That being said, neither the defect 2 neither crack 3 they have reproduced the magic of the first version, a Scandinavian black fleece jewel. One of the best shows of the last ten years on Quebec TV.

After the icy Fermont and the ultra-resistant concrete of the Château Frontenac, the third chapter of Failure transports Céline Trudeau to her hometown, the village of Applegrove in the Eastern Townships, close to the American border and the majestic Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey. Think of a cross between a Louise Penny novel, the series our summers Y The truth about the Harry Quebert case by Joel Dicker.

This is the first time in more than 30 years that formidable researcher Céline Trudeau has set foot in Applegrove, a bleak and enchanting place. To use Marvel parlance, crack 3 is the “origin story” of Céline Trudeau. Why does death haunt him more than life? Where does this pugnacity come from, this determination to solve impossible cases? And why does nothing satisfy her?

A very familiar ghost has haunted Céline for three decades: that of her 16-year-old cousin and best friend Véronique Jolicoeur (Emma Elle Paterson), murdered on Halloween night 1986. Véronique’s entire body — you will understand it in the second episode—was, however, never found.

As soon as she leaves the suitcase with her uncle Léopold Jolicoeur (Gilbert Sicotte), the memories that Céline crushed and buried deep in her head resurface and shake her. Then, in the middle of the night, someone decapitates a chicken and exhumes a skeleton buried for 75 years in Leopold’s orchard, on the edge of the abbey’s monks’ vast property. Coincidence? Obviously not.

Celine Trudeau returns, a skeleton (wearing an ancient ring) rises to the surface, and Celine’s SQ partner Alexandre Théberge (Alexandre Landry) inherits this seemingly simple yet super complex file.

Along with Théberge, local policeman Jean “Johnny” Léger (Didier Lucien) acts as a tour guide for viewers. With sometimes vulgar and educational responses, Johnny explains that three clans have been fighting each other in Applegrove for a century: the scheming Jolicoeur (Céline’s maternal family), the cunning Morency, and the aristocratic Collins.

A Jolicoeur doesn’t flirt with a Collins and even less with a Morency, you see the photo. The family tree of these three feuding families quickly becomes entangled. There are cousins, nephews and grandparents from everywhere. An important character to watch: the enigmatic Damien Morency (Sébastien Ricard), Céline’s childhood love who dabbled in shady things.

The clerics’ involvement comes later in the episodes. There are also several priests, fathers and abbots to overcome, both in the present and in flashbacks to 1986, the year in which the adolescent Véronique Jolicoeur – Céline’s cousin, let’s remember – was murdered.

crack 3 there is no lack of good actors and ambition. The suspect list spans nearly two pages of stories, and the episodes even contain flashbacks of flashbacks. I love the music of the opening credits of Failurethat pulses and beats at an anxiety-inducing rhythm a la Nine Inch Nails.

what is missing from crack 3 ? Creepy, stressful, scary. Halfway through the series, which will probably end on TVA in September, we didn’t feel the urge to gobble up the episodes to put the puzzle together.

Furthermore, in this type of puzzle to be solved, the character who speaks the least always knows the most. you have you have There is precisely a cousin of Céline -camped by Patrick Drolet- who lives on the autism spectrum, who she does not speak, but who has an encyclopedic memory. Does he have the key to the vault of all Applegrove’s secrets?

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