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Weight loss: move in all directions with dance cardio!

Cardio dancing is a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. But what makes her even more attractive is that she is also a lot of fun! Whether you’re rocking to Latin music or working out to hip-hop, cardio dancing is a great workout for your body and mind. And the best part is that anyone can do it! So put on your dancing shoes and let’s get moving!

Dance cardio is a combination of dance choreography and cardio exercises to music, creating a workout that gets your heart pumping and keeps your body moving. This activity is more like a party than anything else. Make no mistake, though: this exercise is a true body-burning experience.

shake = sweat

A full body workout is like a one stop fitness shop. And cardio dance works every muscle in the body.

Like walking, running, or biking, cardio dancing is a form of aerobic exercise. Improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your lungs and benefit your circulatory system. To name just a few.

These are the top five benefits of dance cardio exercises.

Dancing works muscles you never knew existed!

Since dancing is a complete exercise, you engage muscles in your feet, thighs, and back that you may never have exercised before. If you’re an avid cyclist or weight lifter, your workouts will likely focus on only a few muscle groups. Cardio dance will work your core, but so will your ankles – there’s literally no place in your body that you can’t turn on.

It is a workout that burns fat and calories.

Try doing consistent, choreographed moves for a full 60 minutes and we promise you’ll be sweating by the end of class. You are in constant motion, at different paces, which means you are also interval training. By lowering your heart rate and then bringing it back up, the best way to burn fat. You can listen to all your favorite songs while having fun…

Additional mental benefits.

The benefits of cardio dance aren’t just physical. Research has shown that the repetition and memorization involved in dancing has positive effects on brain health. This is not surprising, as research has also shown that the brain is stimulated by practicing or participating in something new. Like learning an amazing new dance routine!

Cardio dancing increases endorphins which, in turn, improve mood.

Cardio dance combines two of the most powerful mood boosters: physical movement and the sound of music. Combined, these two superpowers make cardio dance a form of exercise that allows you to move into physical meditation, to the sound of a phenomenal playlist. Plus, it’s hard to stop an argument or a bad day when you’re focused on the right steps in a dance routine.

Community exercise benefits everyone!

There’s a reason why group sports and classes are so popular. This is because being active with others is more fun than doing it alone. We’re all in favor of a solo dance party, but we’re willing to bet you’ll enjoy a good dance session even more when you’re surrounded by friendly faces.

The hardest part is introducing yourself.

It can be scary to dive into something different at first. But, there is also a thrill that comes with taking that first step. Think of it as an opportunity to surprise yourself, see where your mind and body can take you, and learn something about yourself in the process. Who knows ? You may discover a new passion.

Showing up will boost your confidence, so you can walk into any room, inside or outside the gym, with your shoulders back and your head held high.

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