Maple by David Goudreault |  Beast thriller summary

Maple by David Goudreault | Beast thriller summary

The Beast has just given birth to a young, which borrows some characteristics from her as she breaks free of them. Baptism name: Maple, where a prostitute on probation becomes an investigator to stop the plans of a sadistic murderer. Polar served with Goudreault sauce and covered in his chiaroscuro writing, this “trashicomic” novel puffs out false teeth while embroidering in lace.

The beast, a widely acclaimed trilogy signed by the poet and social worker, still simmers within David Goudreault. But instead of reviving her for a walk in the wake of the old ones, he prefers to take her on new crossroads. Let’s clear up these nebulous words: Maple stages the homonymous character drawn from the same universe, where the marginalized prick themselves with poetry. Fresh out of prison, but not fresh at all, this spinster gets it into her head to solve a series of heinous crimes that bloody the streets of Hochelaga, targeting victims directly or indirectly linked to the world of prostitution. Crank between cranks, the killer ties his prey to the rope shibari before forcing them to devour their own fingers.

Concurrent with the police investigation, Maple scours the neighborhood slums to get her hands on “the Trickster”, examining the suspects in the crime: El’Chinois, who’s keeping a low profile at his convenience store? The ambivalent transvestite Pierre Précieuse? Ti-Ness, compulsive gambler? Or just Claude, the very stud in love with him?


As the cards are knocked over and the knuckles are severed, the twists and turns follow one another, told with the same pen as the writer who had touched the Beast, a style where vulgarity and elegance sleep in the same bed, like the skewer of raw and endearing Characters that served us. David Goudreault, despite the painful writing process, did not hide his pleasure at being able to leave his madness (in every sense of the word) in this novel. “I had a real desire to reconnect with a free universe, completely stripped of the moral dictates of the time. I really wanted to give this gift to my readers. I had the impression that they were waiting for me somewhere in the same universe as the Beast”, confesses the author.

On the other hand, it was very important to go a little to the other side, to assume a female character with a strong and complex personality, and above all to delve into the thriller.

david goudreault

Indeed, the writer, confessing herself a virgin of the thriller, embarked on laborious and abundant preliminaries, at the same time that she fed on the great names of the genre; Georges Simenon, Agatha Christie, Guillaume Morrissette… “I really wanted to respect the codes of the detective novel, but in my own universe. There is an even greater mathematical relationship with literature in the detective novel, with a question of dosage and balance so that everything flows, ”she asks.

At the center of his approach, positioning himself at the confluence of influences from various universes (sex work, police investigation, etc.), “keeping my hands free to be in fiction.”

Hit everything, especially yourself

The free rein gave birth to crude language, and the author did not hesitate to fill his playground with scenes without gloves or clamps; but which, passed through the literary mill and embellished with poetically devious colloquial expressions whose secret Goudreault holds, find themselves strangely embellished with an elegant veneer.

Maple it is even finished with a humorous warning warning of the acidity of the thing. An extra that the author would have considered superfluous in the past, symptomatic of a change of environment. “In recent years, in the Western literary and intellectual milieu, there have been new concerns. Some are essential, others seem exaggerated to me. I am very critical of the moral positions that actors and actresses in the literary world sometimes take,” he says, pointing out that he messes with everyone, including his own apple.

You have to hit those who have power, and right now it’s about those who can censor, destroy careers, set the tone of what to say, think and believe. But it’s not relentlessness, I hit everyone.

david goudreault

Maple introduces us to the world of prostitution which, like the prison world, arouses a certain curiosity in the writer. “The world of crime has always interested me, it is a moment in human life in which the complexity of the psyche comes out. There is something strong and vulnerable about sex work that intrigues me, how you can put yourself in danger all the time while maintaining control over your life and body. I’m not judging: the only time the word ‘bitch’ is used pejoratively is in relation to a man,” she says.

the beast at rest

Will the Beast continue to produce offspring in the line of Maple ? David Goudreault knows nothing about it and prefers not to think about it for the moment, despite the pleas of his readers who dream of a story this time dedicated to Traumathys, another character born from the trilogy.

Also, don’t look for the author at any book fair, he won’t set foot there, wishing he could catch his breath a bit. In addition, although he very much appreciated the participation of him in the show. Goodnight !, recently resolved to put an end to this energy-consuming public display. “I had the violent realization that he didn’t want to be a public figure, but a writer who exists through his books. I had the impression that the more things went, the less people wanted to read me and the more people wanted to hear me. »

Rather, he will exclusively dedicate his neural capital to his literary performance project planned for 2024.




240 pages

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