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Samsung November 2022 update available for Galaxy devices

Samsung continues its series of regular and timely updates for its entire range of Android smartphones. Many Galaxy phones and tablets have already started receiving Samsung’s November 2022 security update, including, for some, Android 13 and One UI 5.0.

Samsung Security Update November 2022: Here’s what’s new:

Every month Google and its partners release a new Android security patch, publicly detailing all the ways your smartphone gets more secure with each update. The security patch now coming to Galaxy phones includes the new patches from the November 1, 2022 bulletin as well as the October 5 bulletin. In total, between the two Android bulletins, which also include Qualcomm-specific fixes, Samsung devices will see 34 fixes, with three rated critical and 30 marked high severity.

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Meanwhile, Samsung is also expanding the basic Android patch with its own security enhancements, as well as fixes for issues specific to Samsung devices and apps. According to the company’s patch notes, the November update rounds out Google’s changes with 26 fixes for Samsung-specific issues, two of which are very serious.

For various Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, the November patch brings a much bigger change, coinciding with the Android 13 and One UI 5.0 update.

Devices with Samsung’s November 2022 security update

Unsurprisingly, Samsung typically prioritizes its high-end phones when it comes to new updates, with a focus on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series. From there, Samsung is rolling out general updates to its newer devices before older ones. old, in general.

This list will include a note indicating where the update was first released and if it is also available in the United States. As usual, the latest additions will be marked on bold.

Galaxy S series

For years, Samsung’s Android lineup has been led by the flagship Galaxy S series. The phones include a rich set of features and premium materials that seek to appeal to the widest possible audience. Considering the high cost of the phones, Samsung is expected to pay special attention to the Galaxy S series for Android updates.

Samsung’s Galaxy S series flagships began receiving this month’s update starting with an odd pick, the Galaxy S10 Lite. The 2019 phone was patched on November 11, ahead of other Galaxy S phones. The newer Galaxy S21 FE was right behind, picking up the update that same day.

High-end members of the Galaxy S21 received their update on November 14, bringing with them the full update to Android 13 and One UI 5.0, including in the US. In particular, for some Galaxy S21 owners in Europe, it will also be released a second November patch a few days later, presumably with additional fixes. November 14 also brought a security update for the low-end Galaxy S10e phone.

  • Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra – G99xBXXU5DVJC (First released in India)
    • Note: A second patch has been deployed in Europe (G99xBXXS5DVK1)
    • United States: Available on carrier-locked devices.
  • Galaxy S21 FE — G990EXXS3CVJ6 (First released in Brazil)
  • Galaxy S10 Lite — G770FXXS6GVK1 (launched for the first time in Spain)
  • Galaxy S10e — G970FXXSGHVK1 (first release in Europe)

Galaxy Z Series Foldables

galaxy z fold 4 camera

Before long, the Galaxy Z series of Flips and Folds took the crown of Galaxy S phones to become Samsung’s true “flagship” Android devices. As such, Samsung has given the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold phones a high priority when it comes to security updates, and they are often among the first to receive each month’s patch.

The November 2022 security update was no different, as it debuted on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 on November 7, including in the United States. A second update arrived for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 on November 11, updating both phones to Android 13, with One UI 5.0 enhancements.

A generation ago, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 got an update a few hours later that same day. Continuing with the release order, Samsung simultaneously updated its Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the original Galaxy Fold, the latter of which is no longer set to receive monthly updates, on November 11.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 — F936U1UES1AVJ1 (first released in the US)
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 — F721BXXS1AVJE (first released in Ireland)
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 — F926U1TBS2DVJ1 (first released in the US)
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 — F711U1TBS3EVJ2 (First released in the US)
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 — F916BXXS2HVK1 (first released in Europe)
  • Galaxy Fold — F900FXXU6HVJ7 (first launch in France)

Galaxy Note series

stylus pen samsung galaxy note 20s

Once Samsung’s series of premium products, the Galaxy Note line has been effectively discontinued in favor of the Galaxy Z series foldables. That said, many Galaxy Note phones are still fairly new and continue to receive updates, monthly in some cases. .

The Galaxy Note 20 was the first in the product line to receive this month’s update, picking up on November 9. Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra owners also got an update to Android 13 this month, in a separate update. Continuing the order of release, the Galaxy Note 10 series received its own carrier update on November 11.

  • Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra – N98xU1UES3FVJ1 (first released in the US)
    • Note: A second patch has also been released with Android 13
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Note 10/10+ — N97xU1UES7HVJ3 (first released in the US)
    • United States: Available on unlocked devices

Affordable Galaxy A/M/F series phones

Samsung Galaxy A52 25

While Samsung has certainly made a name for itself in high-end Android phones, the company also offers a wide range of affordable and mid-range devices. Although these phones don’t typically receive the same monthly update schedule, Samsung regularly updates its Galaxy A, Galaxy M, and other budget devices on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Surprisingly, some of Samsung’s Galaxy M phones were updated to Android 13 with the November 2022 patch, as were some Galaxy S series flagship phones. On November 15, both the Galaxy M52 5G and Galaxy M32 5G received Android 13 updates.

  • Galaxy M52 5G – M526BRXXU1CVJ7 (launched first in Europe)
  • Galaxy M32 5G – M326BDDU4CVK1 (First launched in India)

Galaxy Tab series tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 10

Samsung has been one of the few companies making Android tablets worth owning for years, long before Google worked to improve the operating system with updates to Android 12L and Android 13. That said, Android 13 still brings very significant improvements. necessary to the tablet experience, even on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series.

Samsung’s latest set of high-end tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+, and Tab S8 Ultra, were updated to Android 13 and One UI 5.0 on November 14. On the less exciting side of things, the Galaxy Tab Active 3 was also updated with the latest security patch on November 14 without any sign of an Android 13 update.

  • Galaxy Tab S8 – X706BXXU2BVK4 (launched first in Europe)
  • Galaxy Tab S8+ – X806BXXU2BVK4 (launched first in Europe)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – X906BXXU2BVK4 (launched first in Europe)
  • Active Galaxy Tab 3 LTE – T575XXS3DVK2 (first released in Mexico)

Galaxy watch series

Cleaning the bezel of the Galaxy Watch 4 10

With the release of the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung moved its line of wearables to run on Google’s new Wear OS 3 platform, and thus essentially Android. Therefore, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 will occasionally receive Android updates with security improvements and new features.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has been in a precarious situation for the past few weeks as a problematic update was released for many owners. To make a long story short, those affected would not be able to reset their watch as it simply would not turn on when turned off.

This broken firmware fix was removed pretty quickly, and Samsung has now followed it up with an update that also brings the November security patch. Unfortunately, those with faulty firmware (ending in GVI3) may still not be able to install the new version, as the clock does not turn on after the necessary reboot.

  • Galaxy Watch 4 / Classic Watch 4 – R870XXU1GVK4 (First released in the US)

Samsung Galaxy A52 on the update screen

If your Samsung device should have already been updated, but the October patch has not reached you personally, you can try to update it manually. Just open the Settings app, tap on “Software Update” and select “Download and Install”.

This article was first published on November 7 and was last updated on November 16.

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