Patrick Roy launches an insult at a press conference after a defeat

Patrick Roy launches an insult at a press conference after a defeat

Patrick Roy is known for making mischief in the hockey world, especially since he began his coaching career.

I imagine that you will not be very surprised if I tell you that the fiery coach of the Remparts de Quebec has once again exceeded the limits this Sunday.

Following a 5-1 loss to Joshua Roy and the Sherbrooke Phoenix, Patrick Roy hurled an insult as he left the press room.

Visibly irritated by the defeat and by some questions from the journalists, Roy insulted, among others, one of the journalists.

“You should rephrase your questions!” –Patrick Roy

I suggest you go see Jérôme Gaudreau’s text, for a post-game report.

The coach came there with one of his classic decisions by retiring his goalkeeper, with just over 10 minutes to go, on two occasions.

Really not all coaches are brave enough to do such a thing, but Roy has used us several times since he’s been behind the bench.

Joshua Roy also took the opportunity to complete his hat-trick at an empty goal.

Patrick Roy, who is joined by Simon Gagne and Jacques Tanguay behind the Remparts bench, saw his winning streak end at 14.

We remember that last year, after the elimination of the Remparts against the Shawinigan Cataractes, Patrick Roy had a crush on the referees when criticizing their work in the playoffs.

One of his players, Vsevolod Komarov, received a penalty that Roy did not digest. He criticized this decision particularly after the game.

“They, in the first game of the playoffs, when they had a streak against them, vilified the referees. We haven’t said a word, even today, we won’t say a word. I think it’s a lack of judgement. It’s disappointing” – Patrick Roy

You can view the full excerpt from this press conference, right here.

More recently, in this season’s preparatory calendar, Roy had once again made a comment about the work of the referees, more in particular, the same referee who called Komarov the penalty during the last series.

He had also been expelled and fined for his reaction. He reviews his comments after expelling him.

If we go back to 2016, a few weeks before the Colorado Avalanche camp started, Roy, who was head coach and vice president of operations at the time, stepped down.

Roy definitely doesn’t seem to be done with his surges of milk after matches. He is not the first and he may not be the last.

With such a hot temper, he will have to calm down if he wants to continue being a coach.

Sometimes too much is like not enough.

A lot of

– The Argus Gray Cup Champions.

– A Quebecer who can finally play in front of his friends and family, that must motivate a player.

– Malkin also scored in his 1,000th game.

– Great achievement of the young goalkeeper.

– Big loss for the Trail Blazers.

– With an already weak defense, it does not help the cause of Sense

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