Before the accident |  The television revelation of the fall

Before the accident | The television revelation of the fall

before the accident is undoubtedly the television revelation of the fall. For the broadcast of the masterful and intense final episode, this Monday night, we brought together director Stéphane Lapointe, actress Marie-France Marcotte and co-writer Kim Lévesque-Lizotte. Good news: the latter and Éric Bruneau are writing a second season.

“We are at Olstrom,” says Kim Lévesque-Lizotte, opening the large glass doors of the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec.

It is in this place of high finance where we have made an appointment with the artisans ofbefore the accident. Scenes from the series were filmed there. “Let’s say it’s a very draw”, says the director Stéphane Lapointe rightly.

Our meeting came two weeks ago as the RONA chain was making headlines for once again being sold to American investors, reminiscent of the famous ” agreement Quincailleries Royale” mentioned in the first episodes. “Eric and I met Robert Dutton. He was betrayed,” Kim Lévesque-Lizotte said.

Robert Dutton was shown the door after 35 years of loyal service to RONA without scruples from certain shareholders. He is one of the many people that the writers ofBefore the accident, Éric Bruneau and Kim Lévesque-Lizotte met to refine the search and psychology of their characters.

Whether it be for its skilful execution, its realistic dialogues, its unpredictable intrigues and its reflection on ambition and power, before the accident is the fall series of many telephiles. “There is a scale beyond me. The series has touched people beyond my expectations”, says Stéphane Lapointe, linked to the project since he directed Éric Bruneau on the set of the fourth season of Miscellaneous facts. From the first reading, the director says that he liked the texts ” sexy and beaten.”

“I was afraid it would be a series too Dark and too nested”, admits however Kim Lévesque-Lizotte.

Fortunately, the public understood thatbefore the accident It’s not an “exclusion in the world of finance,” although it is about money. Rather, the series asks the following questions: what is a successful life? At what price should we always aim higher? “Running after recognition, everyone experiences that,” says Kim Lévesque-Lizotte. ” It’s a suspense existential”, adds Stéphane Lapointe.


Director Stephane Lapointe

A to emit A class

For those who has not seen yet before the accident, know that the series keeps us in suspense to find out why the character of Marc-André (Éric Bruneau) took a beating after going to work at the Olstrom firm – and after having advocated for years of voluntary simplicity – with his friends Patrick (Mani Soleymanlou) and François (Émile Proulx-Cloutier). The latter maintains a relationship with Évelyne (Karine Vanasse), who will precipitate her return from maternity leave.

The high-calibre cast revealed the talents of Benoit Drouin-Germain, who plays Vincent (who left finance to become a civil servant after a depression), and that of the young Ireland Côté, who plays his stepdaughter.

After papers in Can you hear Y Lifetime, Marie-France Marcotte was very happy to know that she had obtained Dominique’s. “I cried with joy when my agent called me,” she says.

“I never told you, but I wrote the part with you in mind! launches Kim Lévesque-Lizotte.

– Come on, it’s not true! »

However, when she agreed to play Dominique, Marie-France Marcotte had only read the two scenes of her audition, including the “thigh” one with Éric Bruneau.

Later, she feared that the public would associate her too much with her nature as a brittle lawyer.


Maria France Marcotte

But I said to myself: ‟Marie-France, do your worked of an actress.” It was interesting to delve into the gray areas of the human being.

Maria France Marcotte

During our interview, the actress had not seen the last two episodes, during which all of her character’s humanity and sensitivity end up breaking through the façade…

Through what Dominique will experience (we keep you surprised), Kim Lévesque-Lizotte exposes the fact that women tend to pay more for their mistakes than men. As for the lawyer’s relationship with Marc-André, 20 years her junior, she shows the limits of give and take. “Initially, their relationship is transactional. But the two get caught in their own trap. She doesn’t like to be responsible when she loses control. […] Nobody comes out winner. »

Like Dominique, all the characters inbefore the accident “go from better to worse”, continues Kim Lévesque-Lizotte. “As in life, the characters assume good and bad decisions […]They do things that are legal, but not moral. »

A series of its time.

It is with many nuances thatbefore the accident addresses burning issues of our time. Let’s cite the scene where a boss (played brilliantly by Guy Nadon) uses the N-word and where all the people around the table freeze helplessly. “This scene is so correct: to see everyone uncomfortable,” underlines Marie-France Marcotte.

Debts, separations and use of privileged information: before the accident It might have come across too many topics on paper, but it all fits together delicately. However, should we have saved some intrigue for season two, for which we’re still waiting for official approval from Radio-Canada? “It’s hard to add new characters, because there are already so many,” replies Kim Lévesque-Lizotte.

But above all: the writing deadline is tight while she and Éric Bruneau took five years to tie each thread of the first season to make the scenario as believable as possible.

What awaits us next? “There is beauty in finance, says Kim Lévesque-Lizotte. People invest in the right place and there are builders who want to advance society. »

The final episode airs this Monday at 9:00 p.m. on ICI Radio-Canada Télé

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