Julien Lacroix affair and "Everyone talks about it": "I feel manipulated," says comedian Audrey-Anne Dugas

Julien Lacroix affair and “Everyone talks about it”: “I feel manipulated,” says comedian Audrey-Anne Dugas

The day after journalist Isabelle Hachey, from the press+, and Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Tremblay, from 98.5, to Everybody talks about it humorist Audrey-Anne Dugas denounces the manipulation and defamation of which she is a victim. The newspaper I talk with her.

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On November 16, The Press+ publishes a dossier entitled “The Julien Lacroix case, two years later | Scars and Regrets”, returning to the fall of comedian Julien Lacroix, the target of allegations of misconduct and sexual assault in July 2020. This file reported “regrets” for the public denunciations of some of the nine women. It also featured portraits of other women who are not alleged victims of Julien Lacroix, including comedians Rosalie Vaillancourt and Audrey-Anne Dugas.

It was with the latter that he spoke at length. The newspaper Monday. Described by many as “the woman who recruited the alleged victims of Julien Lacroix” after the report of Press+, Audrey-Anne Dugas is a comedian who was in the same improv league as Julien Lacroix. She wanted to establish the facts about her actual involvement in the Julien Lacroix affair. For the sake of truthfulness and justice towards himself.

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“It was said that I had contacted Duty Two years ago, which is false, explains who wrote on social networks: “This story has become a defamation for me. Period.” Victims contacted me saying they wanted to be heard and I invited them to tell their story to journalists.

“It’s no secret that I resent the two journalists involved, I feel manipulated,” continues Audrey-Anne Dugas. He resented them, but it took on another dimension, because they completely made up facts like the gossip lunch story with Alice Payer. I never went to lunch with Alice. The journalist made up this story, and Alice never told me that she would have gone off with Julien if she had been single.

Alice Payer is one of the nine women who denounced, in 2020, inappropriate sexual conduct by Julien Lacroix. In the recent article on The Press+She assured “feeling hypocritical” and not having been branded for this story of an unsolicited kiss on the lips of the well-known comedian at the end of the April 2019 evening.

Comedian Audrey-Anne Dugas

Photographic archives / QMI Agency

“A Everybody talks about itMarie-Ève ​​​​​​Tremblay claimed that she had forced Alice Payer to testify against Julien Lacroix,” Audrey-Anne Dugas wrote on her social networks on Sunday night.

He points out today the lack of transparency and nuances in this new investigation on Julien Lacroix as well as the instrumentalization of which he was a victim, on paper and on Sunday night on the program. He also claims to have spoken with various victims of Julien Lacroix.

“None of those I spoke to regret speaking up,” she says. Like me, they were shocked by the article. I find it insidious that the two journalists imply that many regret it.

No demands yet

Audrey-Anne Dugas posted a screenshot of a conversation she had with Marie-Ève ​​Tremblay and Isabelle Hachey on social media “to make sure the true facts are in the article before it goes live.” However, she does not want to comment, at this time, on the defamation lawsuit that she mentioned in one of the messages in case of slip.

In another exchange, Alice Payer wrote to him: “In my interview, I never said DUGAS MADE ME DO IT, because that is not it. It was a series of events and circumstances that led me to believe that I had to do it…”

Audrey-Anne Dugas insists: she did not act out of revenge towards Julien Lacroix, although she had already had a conflict with him. The cause of this conflict: it was she who had informed Geneviève Morin, Julien Lacroix’s ex-wife, of the comedian’s many infidelities.

“When I asked the question: ‘Did I act out of revenge?’, it was a rhetorical question, because immediately afterwards I said: ‘The answer is no,’” he explains. In my episode’s podcast intro (offered on the 98.5 website), we only take the excerpt from this question, without my answer. This is completely false, I have never recruited women with the desire to “take down Julien Lacroix”.

He adds that he heard, long before #metoo, “many more than nine times that Julien would have committed sexual assaults.”

threats and lies

Andrey-Anne Dugas must manage, at this moment and since the beginning of this whole affair, the numerous and violent threats received on social networks. She also said she was very surprised by the participation of the comedian and his current lover, Maude Sabbagh, in the recent article by The Press+.

He also finds false the statements of journalists who claim that Julien Lacroix is ​​out of work. “It’s known in the community that Julien works for his parents’ costume designer, he has a good job,” he said. So it’s another lie to victimize him by saying that he doesn’t work.”

“At first, I had even refused to participate in the interview of Press, she confesses they [les journalistes] they strongly insisted that they had information on me. I felt against the wall. So, the angle that they told me about was no longer the same in the published article.

She wrote to Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Tremblay to explain that she felt cheated and exploited, without receiving a response.

“I hope to get more hate,” he said. I find it deeply hypocritical and incoherent that Isabelle Hachey and Marie-Ève ​​​​Tremblay said yesterday that they wanted the hate to end, but that they describe me as an avenger who invents sexual assaults on friends. It’s a huge lack of empathy.”

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