Last night the Canadian looked like the club from last year's 32nd place

Last night the Canadian looked like the club from last year’s 32nd place

Since the start of the season, Martin St-Louis’s first as head coach, we know the Canadiens have been playing well. In fact, he plays very well, when you relativize expectations.

Too good, even?

Although not everyone wanted to admit it, the Canadian was playing in over his head earlier in the year. A defense without Mike Matheson and Joel Edmundson, but with four rookies, who was doing that job? It was a mirage.

Warning: I’m not saying young defenders are bad. On the contrary: they are very good. But what I’m saying is that it wasn’t normal to see NHL stars, night after night, being held down by four rookies, David Savard and Chris Wideman.

The youngsters were producing at full speed all over the track and that’s a good thing. But there, an inevitable downturn follows and the veterans can’t always steer the club on the right track.

It must be Pierre Gervais’s fault, all of it.

In the end, for a few games in a sequence considered “easier” by many people, the Canadian has struggled. He lost in a game that wasn’t great against the Blue Jackets, narrowly beat the Flyers and yesterday ate a volley against the Buffalo.

The cream is rising to the surface in the NHL as Thanksgiving approaches and increasingly, we see that the CH is not a part of it. But since it brings Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton closer to a player (Connor Bedard) who serves coffees with right ice cream is fine for me.

The problem? It’s the way the club loses… especially against a club that had just lost eight in a row.

After all, no one expects the Canadiens to win every game, but we do want to see the club come forward and put up some great opposition, which was not the case yesterday.

Watching yesterday’s game, we really felt like we were watching the Canadiens from last year. There were disorganized players on the court and I don’t think I can approve of anyone.

Obviously, the game started badly when Jake Allen gave up three goals in the first moments of the match (2:13). This is also an ugly trend that the CH must get rid of.

Allen is obviously the first to have to look in a mirror and give more.

We know he’s not the No. 1 goalie in the NHL and we know he was playing better than usual at the start of the season, but he’s going to have to give CH more to give his club a chance.

His performances won’t have to force him to break his stick every night, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, he will lose some of his effect over time.

Will he go through a different workload to give Samuel Montembeault more? Maybe that’s part of the answer for the CH, actually.

But at the same time, it’s not that CH is only to blame for its goalkeeper. Oh no.

The pairing of Mike Matheson and Joel Edmundson, to name just one, didn’t do well last night. The turnovers caused by the duo played against CH.

They have to give more, but it is the case of many players. Yesterday, the duo Nick Suzuki/Cole Caufield, despite the #22 goal, was not up to par with Tage Thompson/Jeff Skinner, who added nine points yesterday. Also, how does Caufield manage to be forever forgotten?

Both guys did whatever they wanted on the ice… including taunting the opponent.

From the marking, you’ll also understand that it churned a lot on the ice. There were skirmishes, battles and strong blows that were spread throughout the evening.

Arber Xhakej and Johnathan Kovacevic, I remind you, had given way to smaller guys, in this case Jordan Harris and Chris Wideman, a guy who needed to play after several games on the sidelines.

There is still some silver lining, especially in Juraj Slafkovsky’s performance.

He looked no worse than the others (which is the standard in a game like this, really) on the ice and had more responsibilities on the second line. Seeing him play more than 14 minutes is a big step for him.

But for the most part, the game should be thrown away. There is not much to remember about this game since the boys, like the coachthey were not in attendance.

We delete and start again.


After the game, the players headed to Columbus as tonight the boys will take on the Columbus Blue Jackets for the second time in a short time.

We are going to expect less cannon fire than the other time.

The CH will not train this morning, which means we won’t know directly (other than in front of the net) who will give up their place in the lineup, if there is a change.

Martin St-Louis will speak to the media at 5 pm about this.

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