Dies after cosmetic surgery at a Westmount private clinic

Dies after cosmetic surgery at a Westmount private clinic

Cosmetic surgery became the worst nightmare for a mother, who ultimately died several days after a complication from the operation, in Montreal.

The woman in her 40s had been operated on 1Ahem last November, at the EspaceMD private clinic in Westmount. Out of respect for your loved ones who are going through difficult times, The newspaper it does not reveal the identity of the deceased patient.

According to our information, the surgery involved liposuction and fat transfer to the breasts. For some reason, the woman’s condition deteriorated during the operation.

When paramedics arrived, he wasn’t in cardiac arrest, but “really wasn’t doing well,” according to our sources.

The mother of the family eventually died at Montreal General Hospital on November 13. The surgeon who operated on her is the owner of the clinic, Dr.D. Sandra McGill.

Dr. Sandra McGill

Photo taken from the EspaceMD clinic website

Dr. Sandra McGill

an experienced doctor

She has more than 15 years of experience in the field. She turned down our interview request on Wednesday.

“Being bound by professional secrecy, we are not authorized to communicate to you any information relating to patients who have or have not been treated at our clinic,” Stéphanie Garand, the clinic’s director, wrote by email.

On its website we read that the clinic is “at the forefront [et] it is the most modern and technologically advanced of its kind in Montreal.”

“Our facilities […] meet the most demanding standards, particularly in terms of safety. Therefore, you can be sure that your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Several plastic surgeons contacted by The newspaper they are shaken by this death, although these operations always carry risks.

Complications often arise from surgeries performed abroad, where medical standards are less stringent. Also, this story recalls the death of Micheline Charest (see below).

Two big risks

According to specialists, the two main risks of complications during aesthetic operations are clots (blood or fat) and anesthesia. In many cases, plastic surgeries can be performed under localized sedation.

However, according to a plastic surgeon contacted by The newspaper, several cases of sedation caused complications in 2022 in Quebec. The doctor is convinced that this has to do with hiring respiratory therapists, rather than anesthesiologists (who are doctors).

“The only reason to have a respiratory therapist is to pay less,” he said on condition of anonymity. But, he is more than a cowboy. We are putting patients at risk. »

too brave

Although respiratory therapists have the right to perform light or moderate sedation, under certain conditions, the risks are real if the situation degenerates (cardiorespiratory depression, excessive dose, etc.).

“They get too brave, they think they are anesthetists,” says the surgeon, who always makes sure to hire a specialist doctor.

The Quebec College of Physicians declined to say whether the trustee will investigate this case. As of Wednesday, the coroner’s office had not opened an investigation.

“We will do the necessary checks to determine if a medical examiner is required,” we wrote via email.


Micheline Charest

The co-founder of the production company Cinar died at the age of 51, in 2004, after cosmetic surgery in Montreal.

He had difficulty breathing during the operation, but the medical team was slow to call the emergency services.

The coroner concluded that it was an “avoidable accident.”

Valerie Castonguay

The 25-year-old died in 2008 while undergoing nose correction surgery in Montreal.

The young patient had developed a pneumothorax and died within a few hours in hospital.

The coroner blamed the surgeon and his team for failing to meet standards in the recovery room.

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