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Jay Du Temple leaves double occupancy

Lady Pagaille puts away her pearl necklaces. Captain Twist hangs her cape with twists. Yes, Jay Du Temple is officially leaving. double occupancy After six years at the helm of the Noovo reality show Cupidon, I learned.

The host with multiple haircuts will announce it on Sunday night during the grand finale of the Martinique component ofdouble occupancythat will come directly from the decoration of the week of the 4 joulesin Varennes. “It was not an easy decision. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s final and living this day with the team,” said Jay Du Temple. Press.

According to my sources, double occupancy will survive Jay Du Temple’s departure as well as the bullying storm, and Love reality TV will return to Noovo’s lineup at a date yet to be determined.

It would have been a shame if this popular franchise ended on a false note, which in no way represents the previous five editions.

Reached Friday, producer Julie Snyder neither confirmed nor denied the renewal ofoverdose by 2023. “We have to look at the to show Sunday night to find out,” she replies.

Jay Du Temple will also pilot a final moment of truththat he will record on Monday -without the three toxic candidates, of course- for a broadcast scheduled for Sunday, December 4, still on the airwaves of Noovo.

The controversy over the inappropriate behavior of the three friends and the escape of sponsors did not push Jay Du Temple, 31, out the door. In early August, the mustachioed host informed Julie Snyder that she would be leaving her job after her stint in Martinique.

“He called me after my birthday, on August 6. He wanted to let us know so that we would have time to think about what to do next. for Jay, overdose it is part of his life, it is a family to him. But after six years, he wanted to dedicate himself to his projects, including a return to the stage, ”Julie Synder explains in an interview.

Before the broadcast of the first episode ofOD Martinique in September, the bosses of Bell Media, which owns Noovo, therefore knew that Jay Du Temple would be leaving, as would the hard core of the creation ofoverdose. “Jay trains a lot. He does ultramarathons, he wants to find all that again and resume a more normal rhythm of life ”, adds Julie Snyder.

Bali, Greece, South Africa, Saint-Jean-de-Matha (OD with us), whistler (DO in the West) and Martinique, Jay Du Temple will have warmed up six years ofdouble occupancy.

Throughout the episodes, Jay Du Temple has infused a lot of humor and self-deprecation into his animation ofoverdosethat made viewers complicit in everything that was dragging on behind the scenes.

As capable of firmness as of flexibility, he was involved, funny, daring, warm and his work in DO in the West it even earned him a well-deserved Gemini Award in September.

Julie Snyder agrees 100%. “Jay has created a unique and original style of animation, which he has shaped over the seasons ofoverdose. It is sure to be a school,” she says.

À la barre d’une émission prisée par les jeunes, Jay Du Temple enfilé des perles, des bijoux flamboyants et des robes longues, il a coloré ses cheveux en arc-en-ciel et il a normalisé le port du vernis à ongles chez the men.

Whether we find it super pretty or terribly ugly, the presenter dared and broke several taboos along the way.

And to think that Jay Du Temple almost never inherited the title of helmsman ofdouble occupancy Bali in 2017. At the time, Channel V (formerly Noovo) and Julie Snyder’s Productions J company were looking for a big star to relaunch overdose after its first incarnation on TVA. “Stéphane Rousseau turned down the offer and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge turned it down too,” recalls Julie Snyder.

It was during the auditions of the collaborators of the program. RE+ live, which starred in MusiquePlus, that Julie Snyder saw the comedian with a hat – it was fashionable in 2017, she remembers -. And five years ago, in addition to fans of g-code Y F-code In Vrak, the general public knew little about this bearded 25-year-old who had made a few appearances in Like me! on Tele-Quebec.

The chain hesitated, and Julie Snyder went to the Chez Maurice bar in Saint-Lazare, where Jay Du Temple organized an evening of comedy. “I thought it was so good,” recalls Julie Snyder. The contract has been signed and you know the rest.

Now the search for the next Captain Bouncing, or the future Lady Bisbille, is on. No woman has taken control of this show since it launched in 2003. The person chosen must not copy Jay Du Temple’s style. It would be a disaster. And not everyone can wear a crop top so easily.

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